Winter 2023 Weekly Pottery Sales Posts

GoFundMe - Help A House of Pots Liquidate and Comply

3/11/23 - So You’re Going to Be a Plant Daddy - House Plants & Pottery for Sale

3/4/23 - Plant Game Dexter Making Pottery Disappear Again - Pots & Planters for Sale

2/25/23 - Consider Grabbing My Private Pots - A House of Pots House Plant + Planter Sale

2/18/23 - What is A House of Pots and How Do I Give Them All the Monies - Pottery + Plants for Sale

2/11/23 - It's Not Too Late for Free Pottery - Pots + Plants for Sale 

2/4/23 - Pottery for Sale - It's the Hook that Brings You Back ... Again

1/28/23 - The Best Things in Life Are Free - Pottery and Plants for Sale 

1/21/23 - To Be Honest, All These Pots and Plants Are For Sale

1/14/23 - A House of Pots - The Home of the Best Priced Terracotta Pots and Trays (+ A Plant or Two)

1/7/23 - Total Freedom - Getting Rid of My Pots but Also Selling Them at the Same Time 

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