1/7/23 - Total Freedom - Getting Rid of My Pots but Also Selling Them at the Same Time

Free? You’re mine.

I’ve got a liquidation scheme and there’s total freedom on my mind.

I’m Ian of A House of Pots. I’m getting rid of my pots while also selling them at the same time. What? I’ll explain.

What you’re looking at is a store. It specializes in selling pottery at the best prices in Colorado and fair priced plants as well. It's located at:

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

Hours: 11-6, Saturday and Sunday

As it turns out, I'm kind of fcuked. I need to make everything pictured disappear quicker than I planned, so I'm liquidating almost every pot at 25-50% off.

"But what about that total freedom?", you might be asking.

Independent of my liquidation sale, I've launched a GoFcukMe campaign. Google it or find it on A House of Pots .com.

Just search: Help A House of Pots Liquidate and Comply + Go Fun Me

Should the GoFcukMe campaign reach its goal, I'm going to give away all remaining inventory at my store. Every … single … pot. Free … to everyone. No purchase necessary … if the GoFcukMe unfcuks me.

How can you help this unlikely outcome come true? Technically, you could contribute to it, but better yet, you could share it on your socials.

Share it often. Share it daily. Share that GoFcukMe so much I can't help but say "fcuk me" and "I think I have to fcuk this Lil' Tim Tim guy after all these shares."

Racking up a million shares would go a long way towards liquidating my inventory and me giving away the remainder would ensure it.

So go find and share that GoFcukMe.

Until then, come on by and buy some pots. $1-40 on terracotta. $5 to $90 on most glazed. Plenty of plastic under $10.

If you only want free things and aren't willing to do anything to earn them, I've got all of the following free of charge:

12ish inch resin pots, broken pottery, clay planter bits, soggy cardboard, my life story, instructions on how to find that GoFcukMe, snow interlaced with rubbage, potting services, parking

Lost in all this total freedom talk is the fact I’ve been known to sell a plant or two. Top sellers include christmas cactus, snake plants, succulents, monstera, spider plants, ZZ plants, pothos, philodendron, and so on. Some come planted in a planter. Most houseplants are still in their nursery pot and can be bundled and planted with the pottery of your choice.

Expect $10 to $35 per plant on average, which means they are very much not for free. In the "Total Freedom Total Meltdown" scenario, they might be. Fcuk around and share my GoFcukMe a bunch of times and find out.

I do happen to have a stack of pots I let visitors have for free when they share my liquidation sale or GoFcukMe on their social media. Ask me about it when you're here.

Here's that fcuking address again:

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

For now, I'm only open on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, from 11 to 6. Now that I'm fcuking around with this GoFcukMe stuff, I'll be available midweek more than ever.

Message me about midweek hours at:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


You can also look for my listed shop hours on Google which I'll update if I plan on coming in every Monday or Friday or whatever from now on.

Here’s the fcuking pottery jargon I know you like (let’s go with the Pot Game Oprah version):

Arvada, you get a plant stand. Castle Rock, Aurora, and Centennial, you get a plant store near me with red clay. Denver, you get a pottery store near me. Fort Collins, you get climbing plants and porcelain pots. Lakewood, you get a succulent garden and some hiking. Federal Heights, you get tree gardens, gardening, and philodendron. Wheat Ridge, you get pottery near me, trees, cactus, and this plant shop. Boulder, you get a stoneware planter. Longmont, you get cement pots. Erie, you get a terracotta plant holder. Golden, you get a monstera in mcm ceramics. Broomfield, you get pottery and pots near me. Loveland, you get a vegetable box and a green greenhouse. Parker, you get to grow aloe and cacti. Superior, you get a pottery shop near me. Greeley, you get jargon, pottery barn. Northglenn, you get a ceramic pottery shop ran like an estate sale. Thornton, you get yard sale succulents. Louisville, you get plants near me. Commerce City, you get to go running and fishing for a nice plant pot. Westminster, you get garage sale planters. Brighton, you get to be a discerning gardener.

*** Total freedom is the absence of expectation and the free will to fcuk around and find out what this GoFcukMe pottery sale is all about ***

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