2/11/23 - It's Not Too Late for Free Pottery - Pots + Plants for Sale 

What's the easiest way to get a bunch of free pots? 

Come to my place of business, A House of Pots, put a crisp $100 bill on the table and declare, "I want the dealer's choice."

Here at A House of Pots, in North Denver, off Highway 36 near I-25, if you give me one hundred dollars and demand the dealer’s choice I’ll choose far more than $100 worth of planters for you and add plenty of free ones on top for good measure. Try me. Free of charge. 

You know what they always say: you got to spend money to get some, honey. And boy, is this offer sweet. 

Find all the free pots you can afford at A House of Pots, located at:

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

Open Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 6

You might be thinking, “wait a minute, I have to pay for free pottery?”

That’s correct. Let’s move on. 

Pay attention to the time stamp in the title of the post. It reads “2/11/23”. That’s a date. It’s the date from the weekend this post was posted. You might be wondering, “I wonder if there’s still any good thing for me to buy?”, and the answer is yes. 

Feel free to message me with any questions about that though:

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- or - 


There happens to be a liquidation sale going on with most pottery 25% to 50% off. Will this sale still be going on when you get here? Probably. 

What are the prices at this pottery shop / pottery store near me? Glazed ceramics are ranging from $10 to $90 at this point. Terracotta pots near me are $1 to $35. Resin pottery near me is free to $15. That’s just for the pottery shop near me. 

But what about the plants? You saw what looked like a plant shop, right? Right. For the plants near me, they’re mostly $10 to $35. I use this plant store near me as a low cost draw to lure people into paying for free pottery. There’s philodendron, monstera, ZZ plants, pothos money trees, snake plants, spider plants, cacti, Christmas cactus, succulents, and a whole bunch of other good things. These aren’t free, but some pots could be if you pay for the dealer’s choice. 

Hold up, hold up. Is there really nothing free for you that doesn’t require purchase? Well, I do have:

Resin pots

Free items for people who Google review

Free pots for people who share my info on their socials


Broken pottery

Planters that are unsellable 

Cuttings if you’re cool

Rescue plants in need of a new home

Terracotta kibble and bits

Styrofoam pieces

Plant potting services

The choice of what kind of dealer’s choice you get: bigs, smalls, mediums, or bulks

Pottery jargon

It’s never too late for a piping hot serving of pottery jargon:

Commerce City come get some succulents. Louisville, cement your gardens in gear from this estate sale north of Centennial, but south of Broomfield filled with red clay climbing to the gardener heavens. We got that pot Denver that your cacti from the yard sale in Thornton needs so you’re not fishing for cactus pots in Arvada, Westminster, or Parker. I am the pottery near me that Boulder could use for their philodendron or, Erie, Federal Heights, or Longmont for that matter. Planters keep hiking in price from here to Fort Collins, but not here, where the mcm style pottery is lower than the plant shop count in Loveland. Jargon I said, pottery barn. Garage sale style commerce west of Brighton loaded with the terracotta pots near me that you’re craving at the pottery shop near me loaded with ceramic but not a single plant stand. Plants near me and the plant store near me with the vegetable box for plants like Golden pothos north of Wheat Ridge. There’s even a green greenhouse frame at this pottery store near me that’ll hold a whole lot of porcelain plant holders. Some come running Aurora, Northglenn, and Lakewood to the house where succulent pots grow like trees. This is a pottery shop that sells garden pots and I’m the holder of the most pots from here to Castle Rock. If you need a planter to grow aloe, I’ve got the  ceramics that Greeley, Littleton and Superior need so long as you’re not gardening a full grown tree. Monstera enjoy stoneware pottery.

*** It’s never too late to buy $100 worth of free pottery ***

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