1/14/23 - A House of Pots - The Home of the Best Priced Terracotta Pots and Trays (+ a Plant or Two)

2023 is going to be a doozy. Inflation is coming for us all.

Houseplants prices are on the rise as are the ceramic pots we all love.

There’s a single savior for all your plant up-potting needs:


Red clay pots are timeless and time and again come up in the clutch by providing a classic style at old school prices.

The real beauty of terracotta is that they match so well with your existing decor and all other terracotta pots in your collection. Clay is such a pleasantly neutral color that you can’t really go wrong, especially with the terracotta / green combination provided by most plants. -

My pottery operation, A House of Pots, has the best selection at the best prices ($1-$35 on 2.5” to 18.1”) and can be found at:

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

Hours: Sat & Sun 11-6

I do happen to have a 25%-50% liquidation sale running on most of my pots presently, so if you’re looking to buy pottery in Denver, there’s only one choice. But this post is all about the clay pots, which these pictures hardly do any justice.

There are dozens of styles to choose from (handmade, tall, azalea, standard, Mexican, Italian, American, tiger, etc.) and plenty of saucers / trays to pair them with at reduced prices:

Looking for prices on trays? Then look no further:

4.3" - $1.5

5.1" - $3

5.9" - $4

6.7" - $5

7.5" - $5

8.3" - $5

9.1" - $6

9.8" - $7

10.6" - $10

11.4" - $10

12.2" - $10

14.2" - $15

Have questions about this pottery operation? Reach me at:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


It just so happens that I have more terracotta than most businesses, so I’m not going to be in short supply anytime soon. If you’re looking for a lot, I can definitely throw in plenty for free.

Free? Did I say free? Where’s the free? Who’s got the free? Come on down and visit me and I’ll give you a clay pot to match your order (or non order) on request.

I usually offer one up with any plant purchase, which range from $5 to $35 on succulents, ZZ plants, pothos, philodendron, cacti, christmas cactus, spider plants, snake plants, and so on, so feel free to ask if I forget to offer.

There’s also free resin pots for all, and any of the following:

Broken pottery bits

Pots past the point of repair

Assorted ceramics and terracotta for anyone who shares A House of Pots content (ask for details)

Nursery pots (while supplies last)

Extras clays for customers

The life story of A House of Pots

The opportunity to trade labor for pottery

Mystery garbage bags filled with who knows what

Cuttings on occasion

Rescue plants as well

Pottery jargon

Pottery jargon is a special slurry of seemingly random terms that serve a higher purpose of helping you and others find these pots. Enjoy or ignore

Brighton needs terracotta,planter, jargon needs terracotta, a pottery barn needs terracotta, Boulder, gardener, pots near me, pots wants clay pots,Louisville, hiking, vegetable box, Broomfield, plant store near me, Thornton needs terracotta, Golden needs terracotta,Greeley, grow aloe, running, all gardens want clay pots, pottery store near me, pottery shop near me, Centennial, Northglenn needs terracotta, your philodendron needs terracotta, pottery shop, Aurora, climbing, Westminster, terracotta, garden needs terracotta, estate sale, all the planters want to be clay pots, pottery near me, succulents wants clay pots ,Longmont, ceramics wants clay pots, pot, Parker, Loveland, Littleton needs terracotta, green greenhouse, plant, trees wants clay pots, Federal Heights wants clay pots, fishing, yard sale, plants near me, gardening, succulent, plants wants clay pots, Commerce City, Fort Collins wants clay pots, tree, Arvada, cement, garage sale, pottery, porcelain needs terracotta, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, cacti, cactus wants clay pots, Denver, mcm, stoneware, Castle Rock, red clay, plant shop, Superior, plant stand, monstera, ceramic, holder, Erie,

*** Don’t spend more on rising pottery and plant prices. Put your plants in terracotta instead ***

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