1/28/23 - The Best Things in Life Are Free - Pottery and Plants for Sale

The best things in life are free.

Photosynthesis. Friendship. A couple of resin planters. A visit to your favorite pottery and plant establishment, A House of Pots.

Here at a House of Pots, you’re free to be the plant daddy or mommy you want to be.

Here, you’re free from the restrictions of overpriced pottery, naysayers saying nay to you walking out with 12 pots or nixing that extra plant you’d like to add.

At A House of Pots, anything you see could be free, except the plants most likely, if you buy enough items that ultimately move the proprietor to gift you one of your items for free, choose a freebie at random, or give you enough discounts to where you in essence got some items for free.

Here at A House of Pots, you exchange money for the freedom of choice, or if you exchange your freedom of choice to save money, we’ll arrange a dealer’s choice of pottery.

Ask about the $100 dealers choice and receive $200ish store value (and likely $300 or $400 elsewhere) which is basically like getting a few hundred dollars of planters for free.

There’s a $50 dealer’s choice under the same principle too.

Where is this magical land of well-price glazed ceramics, terracotta, and house plants you ask?

It’s all at A House of Pots, located at:

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

It should be noted that A House of Pots is a weekends only establishment, which means it’s open the following days at the following times:

Saturdays and Sundays, 11 am to 6 pm

Feel free to reach out about weekday availability, which is spotty. In essence, you would reach out a few days in advance, or better yet the day of, and ask if I happen to be available that day. If so, we’ll coordinate.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


If you love a great deal, you’ll love A House of Pots, especially right now, as I’m liquidating the vast majority of my stock.

There’s 25-50% discounts being applied to nearly all inventory until I can get my sales floor back to square one.

That doesn’t include plants such as snake plants, ZZ plants, philodendron, pothos, money trees, dracaena, christmas cactus (ok, ok, I’ll discount these and happen to have some free ones for paying customers), succulents, spiky cacti, but if you buy plants and pots, there’ll be some pottery discounts to factor.

I’ve been called the Oprah of Pots, because you get a pot, you get a pot, and you get a pot, and I’m glad to give a free pot to the misfortunate or those who share their fortune with me.

In terms of other free things, A House of Pots offers:

Largeish resin pots

Broken pots

Slow motion broken pottery video cameos

Terracotta shards


Wet cardboard

Curated free pottery for people who share the A House of Pots Liquidation Sale on their socials

Select free pottery for people who review A House of Pots on Google

Special free pottery for people who share the A House of Pots Go Fcuk Me campaign on their socials

Access to dealer’s choice pots

Cuttings on occasion

Occasional rescues

Pottery workout plans

Potting services

Forays into photosynthetic friendships

A warm place to hang out with plants and get out of the cold

Some stone cold pottery jargon:

Commerce City is free to visit, visit a pottery store near me for free, free vegetable box ideas, free monstera interactions, plants near me that aren’t free, free to visit garage sale, terracotta freebies, free stoneware test drivers, running the free concept into the ground, free succulent dirt, free tree trimmings, free red clay shards, Northglenn is free to visit, free planters for customers, free to visit this pottery shop near me, free your mind Fort Collins, pottery shop with free stuff, Aurora is free to visit on the weekends, maybe some free succulents for kids, fishing for fee?, Loveland is free to come, want discounts that amount to a free planter, Arvada has free access, damaged cement planters for almost free, trees are not free, Superior free stuff, free Golden opportunities, Wheat Ridge residents should be free this weekend, you’re free to come on up Castle Rock, there is select free pottery, no free mcm, free philodendron cutting, climbing for free stuff, freeing up my porcelain, Louisville is free to come, plant shop with free stuff, free your mind Denver, Centennial is free to visit, Parker costs extra though, pots are mostly not free, ceramic things that can be free, you’re free to be gardener, Broomfield is free to visit, gardening is rarely free, where’s the free pottery near me, free pot if it’s in the trash can, Greeley is free to come on down, check out my green greenhouse material for free, plants won’t be free, ceramics might be free, Thornton is free to pay me a visit, free jargon, pottery barn, Littleton plus the word free, yard sale visits are free, hiking is best when it’s free, Lakewood is free to visit, Boulder is free to come but they won’t because it’s Boulder, free cactus kisses, Longmont loves you longtime for free, Federal Heights will charge you for their love, Erie doesn’t have much free stuff, Brighton is free to visit, gardens are seldom free, visit this estate sale for free, free cacti info, pots near me that aren’t free, freedom holder, garden for free without me, plant free clippings, grow aloe for free once you’ve bought one, Westminster is free to visit, plant store near me, free plant stand when you turn a pot upside down

When you visit, free free to ask about the items I have marked down to $20 and below. There will be a new featured item every week.

*** If none of this is good enough for you, then feel free to come at me bro. Free ***

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