7/8/23 - Plants and Pottery for Sale - Finnin to Blow Up

You might as well call me the pot game's T. McVeigh, because I'm finnin to blow up. 


My pottery store, A House of Pots, is blowing up in North Denver where you'll find me blowing away any and all competition, all day, everyday, two days a week, from 11ish to 6ish.

Behold. My stuff:

A House of Pots

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

Open Saturdays and Sundays from 11ish to 6+

If you’re just shooting the breeze, blow on by on a weekend, off Highway 36 and the Pecos exit. 

While my speciality is glazed ceramic pottery, I never let a good pot blow past me; so there’s lots of terracotta, handmade planters, resin, estate sized, and resin planters too.

Most range from $5 to $100, though the oversized and handmade items can range $100-$500.

If you like plants, I’m also a plant shop, with lots of snake plants, spider plants, monstera, philodendron, pothos, ZZ, christmas cactus, spiky cacti, and assorted succulents ripe for the taking, potted or unpotted, from $10 to $40 for the most part. 

If you want to blow by the specifics and just send me a message, feel free:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


Here are some of the main appeals of my operation:

This pottery store near you is about a 10 minute drive from downtown Denver

I’m the home of low, low prices

Few can match the volume or variety of my inventory 

No other store has my mix of items

I sell soil cheaper than most stores

My commodities are more addicting than blow 

I blow crazy money on pots so you don’t have to

I offer plenty of free items and services such as:

Free pallets

Free cacti potting services

Free broken things

Free cardboard

Free styrofoam 

Free freebies for children

Free hand picked rocks for your arrangement

Free T. McVeigh references

Free nursery planters on occasion 

Free select plants most Sundays

Free rescues on occasion

Freedom from reliance on big box stores or overpriced garden centers

To my competition: 

I don't expect you to be me. You can't beat me; and if you're not interested in making money together, you can beat meat. 

To the haters:

Until y'all know me, you can blow me. 

I’m blowing the top off the pottery game with best in market customer value and pricing. I’m the 

discount pot house your plant store told you not to worry about. I’m basically the unibomb dot com. 

I’m not sure what else to tell you at this point, other than my pottery jargon game is top rate:

p. Jargon:

hiking blows, blowing up in Parker, grow aloe, lifting cement blows, blowing up your gardens, gardening doesn't blow, blowing up in Wheat Ridge, trees blow over, pot doesn't blow, Thornton is finna blow up, fishing blows, kissing cacti blows, terracotta is blowing up, blowing up in Westminster, planter garage sale that doesn't blow, blow me up for a mcm pottery shop, jargon, pottery barn blows, Arvada doesn't blow, Heywood Jablowme, pottery near me does not blow, driving from Centennial kinda blows, blowing ceramics, blowing whomever for a plant store near me, winds of change blowing in Longmont, porcelain white like blow, garden after a quick blow, trading blows in Broomfield, I'd blow someone for pots near me, Brighton can sometimes blow, cactus shouldn't blow over, blowing up in Erie, succulent gardens don't blow, who do I have to blow for some succulents, monstera is blowing up, stoneware is blowing up, Greeley is blowing up, I'll blow you for a pottery shop near me, Lakewood is blowing up, Louisville doesn't blow, red clay  doesn't blow, running totally blows, Littleton doesn't blow, blue pottery, Northglenn  doesn't blow, climbing  doesn't blow, philodendron don't blow, estate sale sometimes blow, pots from a yard sale for vegetable box never blows, green greenhouse, Golden doesn't blow, Boulder can blow me, I'd blow a plant stand maker, Loveland doesn't blow, Denver doesn't blow, will blow for plants, will blow for plants near me, Federal Heights doesn't blow, blow a gardener, Superior doesn't blow, this plant shop is blowing up, Fort Collins commutes kinda blow, will blow for planters, blowing up this pottery store near me, tree, Castle Rock  doesn't blow, Commerce City doesn't blow, ceramic costs can blow, Aurora should blow on by, blow me if you're not a plant holder

If you hated this post, I didn't mean to offend. I'm just blowing off some steam trying to get into my writing flow again. Writer's block blows.

*** If you still want to exchange blows, you can come on down though, to the home of low, low prices ***

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