5/20/23 - Calling All the Dirty White Bois - Plants and Pots for Sale

If you might find soil beneath your fingertips, then there's a chance you might be a dirty white boi. 

If you only pot your plants in white pottery, there's odds that you might be a dirty white boi.

If your favorite color is an off-white, more of an egg shell really when you think about it, you might just be a dirty white boi.

You don't have to be a regular Jeff Foxworthy or smarter than a 5th grader to see what's going on here: 

I'm just trying to mind psyche a couple of dirt-lovin' whiteys to make their way to my place of business, A House of Pots.

You don't have to be an unclean Caucasian to come to this location:

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

A House of Pots

11-6 Sat & Sun

It's not an issue if you don't identify as white or a boy; you can still get a piece of the action. 

I sell pottery to anyone and everyone; and even wholesale if you hold an active resale license.

But there's just something about those dirty white bois …

Reach out if you want talk dirty, white bois:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >> 

- or -


This pottery store near me ranges in price from $1-$150. Terracotta ranges from $1 to $40. Handmade Mexican cylinders are $25 to $150. Glazed ceramics cost between $5 and $120. 

The plant shop near me is filled with houseplants and succulents with prices between $5 and $85 or so, though most house plants are $40 or less. There’s plenty of philodendron, monstera, snake plants, spider plants, cacti, ZZ plants, and various foliage for all. 

In terms of the items of things that are free, that is to say if you’re only here for the free stuff, get the fcuk out of my face you dirty white bois. Have I not given you enough already?

Even still, I bequeath your kind all of the following:




Gay 'ol Times

Family memories

Free items for your children

Repotting services

White boi live rankings

Assorted discounts

Kernels of styrofoam

Mad styro

Occasional cuttings

Rescue plants on occasion

Occasionally, free plants on Sundays

#dirtywhiteboi discounts

Chance happenings with your DWB of choice

By chance, I do have an all-time favorite dirty white boi. His name is Danny Hughes. Some say he’s the original Dboi. If he or anyone were to come to my place of business, A House of Pots, and recite his trademark expression, “I’m a dirty white boi”, they would be greeted with a warm smile and additional #dirtywhiteboi discounts or giveaways. Try me. 

If you’re looking for something wordier to try, chew on his pottery jargon:

(Press play on the the video above and continue to read)

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*** At A House of Pots, anyone can be a dirty little white boi ***

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