4/22/23 - Gary Potter Says What Comes Around Goes Around Because It’s All Circular - Pots and Plants for Sale

I feel a lot of solid energy coming out of you. Feel the flow.

Hi everybody. I’m Gary Potter, the seller of the most cylinder planters in the land. I’ve got good, positive aura. Great, great, it's all great.

Yeah, it’s a lot of pressure hunting for great plants and pots in Denver. You gotta rise above it.

You gotta harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness energy, block bad.

Feel the flow. Buy the cylinder. Be happy. Feel it. It's circular.

It's like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse. It goes up and down and around, except you leave with houseplants and pottery. 

Circular. Circle. With the music, the flow.

All good things.

Other good things:

A House of Pots

This business is located at:

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

It is open:

Saturdays and Sundays from 11-6. Call or text to make a midweek appointment if needed:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or - 


This just in:

Literal tons of glazed and unglazed Mexican handmade cylinders with matching trays. These range from $35 to $150 without a saucer, but are circular, have solid energy, and are good good things.

Lots of other glazed ceramics are on hand and range from $5 to $90 while terracotta pots from 2” to 18” cost between $1 and $40. 

Gary Potter wouldn’t be firing on all cylinders if there weren’t copious amounts of plants for sale as well. ZZ plants, pothos, philodendron, christmas cactus, assorted cacti, succulents, monstera, spider plants, snake plants, you name it, all good things. $5-$45 for the most part. 

To be happy, you must understand that your inner gardener itself has its own energy or life force, if you will. Its natural environment is at A House of Pots. So why don't you full send to Gary Potter’s home of low, low prices?

Your bags are packed. You’ve got your tickets for a good time. Bring yourself to A House of Pots. Send your plants a new home.

Because what comes around goes around, feel free to come around for any of the following free items:

Styrofoam, boxes, leftover pallet wrapping, cardboard, broken pots beyond repair, occasional free plants on Sunday afternoons, clippings on occasion, rescues on occasion, Happy Gilmore anecdotes, potting services, references to previously used Happy Gilmore-themed pottery jargon:

All I know is that desert guy's driving me crazy with his garage / garden / ceramic sale content racing through my head. You know what else is driving me crazy? You not getting the ball to the deal table for a hole in one. Don't push me, Bob. Now's not the time to tell Colorado about how they can trade extra time for nursery sized vegetable planters without price hiking higher than a tree. I might be a jackass, (GROANING), but my potting deals on ceramics for outdoors are perfect for your deck. This guy sucks at finding Gainey in Colorado, growing vegetables, fruit, and other green goods, even in Italian terracotta, and even keeping a baby flower alive at his home. But what I am good at is having you consider climbing off your couch, leaving your laptop, and embracing the exterior world with a yard sale that’s ripe with bargain gardening. (DONALD LAUGHING) We haven't seen Happy Gilmore play with pachypodium, ever, but this isn’t his first day on the cheap, surplus succulents Tour. He and Bob Barker are in the house and they’d never leave you on the outside looking in without a free with purchase maceta / planter. Now dead last in the Mile High in lifting weights, we’re running a family estate filled with euphorbia, xeriscape pottery, plants that grow with low water in their macetas, and land laden with value by design. I can't believe you're a professional golfer Happy Gilmore, tying in the fact I’m just editing movie or lyrical transcripts from time to time, or the fact A House of Pots continues to hold landscaping succulent trees in the 5280. Some think I should be working at the snack bar, or with outdoor tires, iphone sales, holiday décor, or as a cactus gardener; but I always tell them “you better relax, Bob.” And then they’re like “there is no way that you could have been as bad at planting as you are at fishing for compliments'', and that’s when I throw down my yucca plant, damaging its glazed container and crushing several house plants, and say “all right, let's go.” (GROANING) (THROWS FISTS AND CLAY BALL AT BOB THE PRICE IS RIGHT BARKER) You dig that, old cacti man? You want a piece of my backyard plants? I don't want a decorative piece of you. I want the whole lansdscape! (PEOPLE EXCLAIMING) Now you're gonna get it, Barter Bobby! FLOWERS MAN: Happy! The price is wrong, for that ditch witch.

Other things Gary Potter might say:

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More things Gary Potter might say:

New truckloads of cylinders and other ceramics arrive in April and May 2023. Come check out the new inventory at:

A House of Pots

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

Sat & Sun 11-6

*** Doing the bull dance. Feeling the flow. Working it. Working it. ***

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