1/27/24 - Buy Your Plants and Pottery from Don Potts, the Don of the Pots

Yes, you heard right.

They call me Don Potts, the Don of the Pots, for a reason.

That reason? I'm the mother lovin' don of Denver's pottery game.  

How did this come to be?

I climbed the game like some kind of Corleone, slinging Italian clay all day at price points intended to chop down the competition, and I maintained my connections within the pottery mafia. 

A don, or donna if you will, is defined by his or her leadership skills; and I've been leading in low, low prices since the day my pots donned Denver's sweet, sweet Rocky Mountains climes. 

Best in market pricing. Free items with and without purchase. The widest selection of the high quality ceramics you deserve. 

That's why they call me Don Potts, and if you want to don some yourself, make sure you come visit my shop, A House of Pots, in Sherrelwood this weekend. 

A House of Pots

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221

Sat & Sun 11-6

That’s North Denver right off Highway 36 and the Pecos exit. 

Don't come Wednesday at dawn though, because I'm only available for favors from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, though I do happen to be there often enough that you’d think lives depend on it. Do yourself a favor and reach out if you have any questions about how or when you can do the Don’s pots though:

Phone a don:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or - 


For the most part, pottery ranges from $1 to $130 per piece. 

You may get better prices on purchases of two or more of the same items. 

There's plants and planters, big pots and a little terracotta pot or 22,000. 

Plants cost between $5 and $50 by and large. 

FREE? There's free pallets, free items for kids, broken glazed & ceramic pot pieces, potting service, random succulents, cuttings, rescue cacti, and 1 v. 1 grab-a cactus like-a-don challenges. All for free. 

I will always don my posts with Pottery Jargon. If it hasn't dawned on you to skip it yet, because you're the real donna of your own life after all, I don't know what to tell you at this point. But, because I'm a don, I'm donning some more previously donned P. Jargon because, truly, IDGAF about TLDR. 

Letting that PJ fly:

Looking for a backyard bargain? Can you barter for cacti? Cactus isn’t cheap, but a clay container is a deal, for deals’ comparison sake. Deck out your décor and get decorative despite this desert of design found in the mile high. Come dig my estate sized euphorbia for extra fun for your family and the exterior of your home. Whether you’re shopping for a flower or flowers, there’s free with purchase items as the fruit of your labor. We’re stockpiling more Gainey than all of the 5280, so clear out your garage, scour your garden, ask any gardener gardening; we’ve got green for you if you help grow our house of Gainey pots. Land landscape pots for landscaping without paying local nursery prices outside of your comfort zone. Pachypodium is a plant that eventually needs a large planter / planters for planting as they become rather large plants. We’ve got the pottery for your potting on sale comparable to a succulent or succulents. Surplus is my trade, as are tree sized yucca trees that value low water set ups like any good, xeriscape option. It’s the maceta yard sale, where it’s a macetas holiday of Italian pots, house plants, outdoor options, and glazed ceramics outdoors, like a good ceramic should be. If you need a plant store near me, crave plants near me, love to plant shop at the local pottery shop, I’m the pottery store near me that lets you pottery shop near me. I’ve got pots near me and pottery near me. 

If you’re a fan of randomized lists of places relative to their distance from Sherrelwood, feast your eyes upon: Centennial (23 mi.), Longmont (26 mi.), Broomfield (9 mi.), Parker (32 mi.), Commerce City (5 mi.), Littleton (18 mi.), Northglenn (6 mi.), Thornton (5 mi.), Louisville (13 mi.), Front Range (1.3 to 130 mi.), Aurora (14-25 mi.), Westminster (2.5 mi.), Lafayette (14 mi.), Castle Rock (37 mi.), Fort Collins (58 mi.), Greeley (57 mi.), Lakewood (14 mi.), Arvada (6.5 mi.), Loveland (45 mi.), Denver (8 mi.), Superior (13 mi.), Erie (21 mi.), Golden (14 mi.), Boulder (20 mi.), Federal Heights (2 mi.). 

*** The Don of the Pots is your potfather. You come into my house, A House of Pots, on the day plants and pots are to be married. ***

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