2/5/22 - This Pottery Robot Knows Low, Low Prices - Pots for Sale

Beep, boop, beep.

I’m a pottery robot, sent from the future, to combat inflating price points and supply chain shortages.

All I know is low, low prices. I have three executables:

Hunt. Kill. Destroy.


Hunt for the best prices, and bring them to Denver. Boop.

Kill it with the inventory, convenient location, and prices. Also, there’s killer deals. Beep.

Destroy expectations, and the competition. Boop.

<< Load general information protocols >>

Location: Denver. Inquire within for coordinates.

Operational hours: 1030 a.m. to 530 p.m.

Days of operation: Saturdays and Sundays, for infinity


Pottery types: Porcelain, plastic, clay, glazed, terracotta, ceramic, planters, ceramics

Prices: $1; $2; $5; $7.50; $10; $12.50; $15; $17.50; $20; $25; $30; $35; $40; $45; $50; $55; $60; $65; $70; $75; $80; $85; $90; $95; $100; $105; $110; $115; $120; $125; $130; $135; $140; $150; $160; $200; $260; $Beep$Boop

Plants for sale: All

Additional images: @ahouseofpots

Telecomm: << 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

Incentives: Purchased-based benefits including auxiliary discounts or free bonus items

Free: 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100001, broken things, unsellable junk, boop, clay pots for tots, 01101100, beep, soggy cardboard for floppy disks

Pottery jargon: Of course

<< Initiatie p. jargon generator 2.5 >>

Good morning all

What will your first sequence of the day be?

<< Computer load up Celery Man, please >>

Yes, Paul

( Music, dancing )

<< Could you kick up the, uh, forty three 3D three >>

43D 3 d three engage

( More music, dancing )

Add sequence: Oyster

<< Uh, give me a printout of Oyster smiling >>


( Prints printout )

<< Computer >>


<< Do we have any, uh, new sequences? >>

I have a BETA sequence I’ve been working on. Would you like to see it?

<< Alright >>


Hey Paul, I’m Tayne, your latest dancer. I can’t wait to entertain you.

<< Now Tayne, I can get into >>

( Tayne shows his hot moves )

<< Could I see a hat wobble? >>


<< And a flarhgunstow? >>


<< Is there anyway to generate a new Tayne? >>

Not computing. Please repeat.

<< New Tayne >>

This is not suitable for work. Are you sure?

<< Mmmmhmmm >>


<< Oh sshh**ttt >>

( Disgusted )

<< I’m okay >>

( Phone rings )

Excuse me Paul, your wife is on the phone. It’s an emergency.

<< I’ll get it later. We have important work to do. >>

ERROR: BETA Tayne improper coding

Beep, beep, beep, beep, boop, beep

<< Initiate previous p. jargon sequence. You know, the one with that eye of the tiger boop >>

Rising up with Boulder planters, back on the green greenhouse street. Did my time for Westminster pot, took my chances on Fort Collins gardening. Went the distance to a Golden estate sale, now I'm back on my feet with a philodendron. Just a man and his Denver garden’s will to survive. So many times, Lakewood gardener, it happens too fast. Broomfield cacti in Brighton terracotta, you change your passion for pottery barn glory. Loveland cactus, don't lose your grip on the Commerce City succulents dreams of the past, Castle Rock succulent you must fight just to keep them Longmont plants alive.It's the eye of the tiger Louisville hiking, it's the thrill of the fight for Federal Heights fishing, Arvada pottery rising up to the challenge of our rival, Front Range weather patterns. And the last known survivor, a Greeley plant, stalks his prey in the night to grow aloe, and he's watching us all from a few Aurora gardens, with the eye of the tiger red clay planter. Face to face with a monstera, out in the Thornton heat, hanging tough with lots of ceramic ceramic, staying hungry like a Superior yard sale. They stack the plant stand odds 'til we take to the Wheat Ridge garage sale street for the Centennial planter kill with the skill to survive.


*** Amazondotcom can suck my diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissk ***

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