1/29/22 - It’s the I of the Tiger - Upscale Terracotta and Glazed Pottery for Sale

It’s the eye of the tiger, technically, if you’re into the thrill of that fight.

But we haven’t the time and so I, which also stands for Ian, persist. I am the I of the tiger, tiger pots that is, which come in three sizes:

<< 6.3” - $5 >> << 8.3” - $10 >> << 12.2” - $25 >>

These upscale terracotta come to you direct from Italy, flash asymmetric orange and black marbleization, and bring out the jungle cat vibes in any urban jungle. Rawr homegirl, rawrr.

A full range of clay planters are also available, with and without rims, from $1 to $35 in sizes from 2.5” to 18.1”.

If you’re only hunting for beautiful glazed pottery, you can slow down, tiger, as you’ve found the motherlode. Colorful ceramics cost between $10 and $100, with 10 or so large options costing more.

Locate these garden planters and more in North Denver on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, 1030 am to 530 pm. Message for the address:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


So many times it happens too fast, you change your passion for pots for glorious plants. Don't loosen your grip on dreams of cacti and house plants, but, remember, in Colorado, you must fight just to keep them alive.

Succulents, philodendron, monstera, pothos, cactus, ZZs, and more, $5 to $55 for the most part, all of which look great in tiger terracotta.

It's the time of the tiger. It's a thrill, and that’s right. You’re rising up to the challenge with your arrival. And the last known plant survivor, its stalks pray in the night, and he's watching, thus all must buy at least one tiger.

Face to face, out in the heat, hanging tough, staying hungry, buy two or more items and receive free items or discounts in this pottery backcountry.

In terms of completely free items, there are a few: maligned tiger pots, broken terracotta, clay pots for tots, glazed ceramic shards, damp cardboard, Survivor references, nothing of monetary value, really.

I also have free pottery jargon:

Rising up with Boulder planters, back on the green greenhouse street. Did my time for Westminster pot, took my chances on Fort Collins gardening. Went the distance to a Golden estate sale, now I'm back on my feet with a philodendron. Just a man and his Denver garden’s will to survive. So many times, Lakewood gardener, it happens too fast. Broomfield cacti in Brighton terracotta, you change your passion for pottery barn glory. Loveland cactus, don't lose your grip on the Commerce City succulents dreams of the past, Castle Rock succulent you must fight just to keep them Longmont plants alive.It's the eye of the tiger Louisville hiking, it's the thrill of the fight for Federal Heights fishing, Arvada pottery rising up to the challenge of our rival, Front Range weather patterns. And the last known survivor, a Greeley plant, stalks his prey in the night to grow aloe, and he's watching us all from a few Aurora gardens, with the eye of the tiger red clay planter. Face to face with a monstera, out in the Thornton heat, hanging tough with lots of ceramic ceramic, staying hungry like a Superior yard sale. They stack the plant stand odds 'til we take to the Wheat Ridge garage sale street for the Centennial planter kill with the skill to survive.

*** It’s the I of the tiger. The eye of the tiger. The eye of the tiger. The I of the tiger. ***

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