1/22/22 - Have You Ever Had a Dream - Vast Quantities of Plants and Pottery for Sale

Have you ever had a dream?

I’ll specify.

Have you ever had a dream, thats, that, you, um, you had, you’d, you would, you could, you do, you wit, you wants, you, you could do so, you, you do you could, you, you want, you wanted him to do you so much you could do anything?

I have, and that’s why I live a life dedicated to selling vast quantities of plants and pottery from the Highway 36 adjacent gem known as Sherrelwood.

Haven't you ever had a dream, something you wanted so bad you'd do anything? That’s why I sell pottery at low, low prices and include free items or discounts with purchase, because customer dream scenario perks are what makes this pottery dream work.

Dream up your own scenario and secure my address by messaging:

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- or -


I had a dream, and it involved pottery, and bringing it to the people affordably.

Small pots: $1 to $25 (2” to 6”)

Medium ceramics: $10 to $55 (7” to 12”)

Large planters: $20 to $100+ (14” to 24”)

That dream grew, and so too did a collection of house plants, which were underpinned by strong cactus roots, self-evident to anyone perusing the plant shop side of the operations.

All for sale, most cacti, philodendron, monstera, pothos, succulents, and the random house plant here and there cost between $10 and $60.

Dreamboats and dreamers are welcome to my dreamland on weekends, 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., road conditions permitting. It’s possible to shop midweek or in off-hours, but you’ll need to coordinate by phone, text, email, DM, etc.

Blushin' in this 40 ounce, lettin' the ink from my pen bleed, it’s clear that some only care about what’s free:

(clay pots for tots, cardboard, pallets, shards, rescues, advice, and badly broken pottery)

Watch the birth of a dynasty, or so I told Vibe Magazine. Workin' with jargon, pottery was a "Dream":

I had visions of makin' a jargon, pottery classic, then my green greenhouse world turned black like I was starin' out of Stevie Wonder's red clay glasses. Lakewood gardener, it's kinda hard to imagine, like Kanye West or a Denver garden coming back from a fatal accident to monstera beatmakin' and Arvada pottery trappin', but, Centennial planter, we the future, a Whitney Houston CD at a Wheat Ridge garage sale told me that. Front Range competition, it's gon' take more than a bullet in the heart to hold me back …

Blushin' in this 40 ounce in Fort Collins, gardening, lettin' the ink from my pen bleed for Northglenn trees, 'Cause Martin Luther King had a ("Dream"), Aaliyah had a Parker tree ("Dream"), Left Eye had a vegetable box ("Dream"). So I reached out to Kanye and ("I brought you all my stoneware and porcelain dreams 'cause I love you Longmont plants") ("I—love you" "I—love you Aurora gardens" "I-I-I love you Westminster pot")

It was all a dream like a Superior yard sale and Big said it'd be. Studied all the Broomfield cacti classics, start revisin' my aloe grow strategy. 'Cause Marshall Mathers made it, Greeley, Curtis Jackson made it, Erie. Head in the clouds, Loveland, wonderin' where the hell Marvin Gaye went for good Littleton running. How do I say this Commerce City? Succulents livin' for the sun but cactus can't figure out why I'm at my plant stand temple with this pesticide gun. Wake up to a Golden estate sale, geez this piece, like a ceramic nun.

The war to be a terracotta trap legend has just begun.

TLDR, Thornton? Perfect, Louisville. Folks from Federal Heights, YT the following, verbatim:

1) Have you ever had a dream like this?

2) Quote on Quotes: Haven't you ever had a dream?

3) The Game - Dreams

*** Don't sleep on me homie, I bring nightmares to reality. Trap phenomenon, redefining the rules of pottery. ***

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