3/13/21 - I Said It Because I Meant It - Any Weather Pottery + Plant Sale

March 13th, 2021

I said it. I meant it. I said it because I meant it.

I’m selling pots and plants in any weather, even in the face of this nasty snow storm coming Denver’s way. 9 to 5.

Both Saturday and Sunday, in Sherrelwood, off Highway 36, and you must message me for the address.

Why? Because I’ve been saying I’d be available in any weather, even if the customers won’t come, and I meant it, which is why I said it, and I can’t have said and meant it if I’m not true to my word.

But wait, aren’t all these pots free? This post said it, right? There was mention of free somewhere, right? You couldn’t have been misreading things, imagining, or projecting, right? Unfortunately, the title says sale, the post mentions the terms of the sale, and what is included with your visit is clearly outlined in writing.

There are indeed free things and aspects to my approach. I didn’t mention them by accident.

I said it. I meant it. I said it because I meant it.

But that doesn’t mean anything and everything is for free. Not even everything here is for sale, though, for the most part, it is.

Customers who buy more than one item get a discount, or free money as some would say, off their overall purchase.

Customers who buy a moderate amount of pottery / plants are eligible to receive some of those items for free. Visitors who buy nothing can still choose from any of the following absolutely free of charge:

Pallets, while supplies last

Cuttings, while supplies last

Nursery pots, while supplies last

Snow for shoveling, while supplies last

Terracotta shards and debris, while supplies last

Free small clay pots or potted succulents for kids, while supplies last

Conversation and rambling about gardening in Denver, available in unlimited supply

Generally speaking, most items cost $10 to $85. That includes 95% of the glazed ceramics, succulents, monstera, and cacti. A giant or ancient cactus might cost over $100. I have lots and lots of terracotta options coming as low as $2 per or 3 for $10. A little succulent is $5-10. There are some pothos and philodendron floating around between there and $20 as well.

Whatever your budget is though, I’m sure we can find a ceramic pot or succulent that meets your needs.

It’s going to be cold this weekend, so bundle up! Wear boots for the snow, be mindful that plants won’t want to be in the freezing temperature (we’ll box or wrap up any photosynthetic friends, but still), and drive safe.

To plant yourself with these plants and planters, put yourself on Highway 36 and exit Pecos. If you haven’t received the address by now, message me here or text:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

I’m only available on the weekends, but I’m in and out of my shop all week long. There are no promises, but reach out if you happen to be in the area or would like to see if another day would work out.

I’ve been told my posts are too long and that reading words can be both hard and off putting, which is why we have a fresh (recycled) batch of pottery jargon (search engine optimized terms mixed betwixt semi-coherent statements) for all interested parties.

Pottery jargon:

Sure, call me a dirt nursery. We’ve got landscaping plants, house plants are coming, and Colorado garden oddities. It’s a big Italian clay family here, so landscape the deck with a little pachypodium as your décor. Design the backyard with Mr. Maceta’s tools of the trade. Dig earth in all its seasons with discounter deals on sale to grow your garden in the 5280. Come see my twin yucca rostrata (I’ve been gardening). If you’re a local, come grab a gift from my surplus planters. I don’t have any extra euphorbia seed this season mile high, but it’ll still feel like a holiday here if you’re a succulent planter. Free with purchase and yard sale / garage sale bundling definitely applies. Come grab some low hanging fruit for gifts and boost the value of your seedlings on the cheap. Plants deal in soil, so plant some discounts with your flower and succulents collection. Xeriscape planting requires little water for the land. If you’ve got a Gainey pot, consider a barter to bring it to its new home. ;-) We’re an outdoor and indoor pottery house. Cacti, macetas, outside trees, and outdoors desert trees, yup, we’ve got that.

Bring me some Broomfield beer (4 Noses) to Sherrelwood. Gardeners in Lakewood, Parker, Littleton, Arvada, Thornton, and all over the Front Range have visited so far. Those cities off the 36 like Superior, Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, and Erie haven’t been stopping by as much as I’d have thought, but hopefully they’ll like my Boulder County plans better. You could call my property Denver, or Federal Heights, Commerce City, or eventually even Westminster, but just know I’m in zip code 80221. Fort Collins, Greeley, Castle Rock, and Loveland are all a little ways away, but my prices justify the drive and I give a little something extra to those who commute far. Aurora, Golden, Centennial, and Northglenn, come on down.

*** I said it, and I meant it. Come buy some free things in the snow. ***

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