2/6/21 - Attorney & Pottery Client Privilege - Plants and Planters for Sale

I’m not an attorney. I don’t even play one on TV. But, legally speaking, I can assist you with the acquisition of dozens of succulents, pots, and other garden goods; even if that leaves you in less than good standing at home.

Plant and pottery patrons always receive the utmost discretion and confidentiality with me. Regardless of whether you don’t need any more pots, or if you’re not permitted to bring home another plant, you can purchase here with confidence knowing that all sales are made in confidence.

So if you opt not to disclose the full magnitude of what you bought, it’s going to take a pretty large subpoena to get me to talk. If your partner comes to the shop angered about funds transferred without authorization, I have no records of said transaction. If your better half demands you return half or work off the remainder, I’ve never met you. If your plant addiction puts you out of a house, we’ll fill up your new home with low, low prices.

It’s my privilege to protect you from the price gouging that’s common throughout the Front Range. You’ll find a host of pots from $10-$40, and even our $70-$85 options (18-22 inches) could cost in the $200 range elsewhere. Most the planters are glazed ceramics, though there’s some cement options, some terracotta, and occasionally a ceramic like porcelain.

I’ve got a couple cacti that cost as much as a house payment, but for the most part, you’ll find the similar $10-$40 price range on all plants. It’s worth noting that 95% of the plants for sale are succulents, whether a small cactus, a giant euphorbia, a variety of pachypodium, a small army of snake plants, or elsewise.

The remainder of the plant options are pothos, philodendron, or something else that’s leafy, fairly low maintenance, and enjoys high drainage cactus soil.

Another reminder is that while I have plenty of plants for sale, I’m a pottery shop, not a plant business, so my selection of house plants is not all-encompassing.

The number one promotion you’re obliged to as a pottery client is reduced prices on multi item purchases. You don’t need your attorney on hand to receive cash discounts or free add ons presuming you’re buying two or more items. Whether you grab any or not, I’ll plead the fizzifth (see Chappelle Show S2 E5) in the event of questioning.

If you or your legal representation would care to pay me a visit, I’m only available on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Sometimes I’m available midweek, but without any reliability. Still, feel free to reach out about a mediation should you be in the area.

I can be reached by phone at:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

All the pots can be found in the North Denver neighborhood of Sherrelwood. If your spouse won’t let you get more gardener gear, never forget, Sherrel would.

It’s rare that I post my actual address online, so message me for that. Nearby cross streets include Pecos and 76th, my zip code is 80221, and I’m right off the Pecos exit of Highway 36.

From now until forever we’re running #BroncoDay discounts and there’s a beverage for bodyguards via my #B4B offer. Feel free to take me up on either, or any of these absolutely free items / concepts:


Plastic nursery planters

Assorted plant clippings while supplies last

Cracked pottery

Pottery shards

Boxes and styrofoam

Photo ops

Malted beverages for body guards

Exercise of the Fifth Amendment


Chappelle Show quotes

Awe and wonderment

A plethora of pottery jargon

No attorneys are necessary to get your weekly dose of p. jargon:

Bring the outdoors inside with xeriscape plants as big as you’d find in a backyard, house plants that need as much water as a cactus, and macetas that are as at home outside in your garden as they are in your interior design. We love potting succulents, and there’s just the right succulent here to grow with your family. If you’re looking for a decorative ceramic for a fruit tree, several fruit trees, or spring flowers, we’ll save you some green on planters whether they’re landscape sized, or big enough for a single flower. If you value you a local bargain in the mile high, you and your deck will love my surplus pottery, arranged like a garage / estate / yard sale, which you trade a little of your extra time for to find yourself planting new container gardens in no time. The deals here are the kind no nursery will touch, because they’re buying outdoor glazed ceramics for more than I’m selling them to the good gardening folks of the 5280 for. It doesn’t have to be a holiday to add a euphorbia, yucca, pachypodium, or other cacti in clay planters to your garden. Not all planters are “cheap”, but there’s an element of “free with purchase” in all my deals. We’ve even got some Gainey décor for you and yours.

Just for fun, here are some assorted distances to the shop in Sherrelwood (0 mi.).

UNDER 5 MILES: Federal Heights (2 mi.), Westminster (2.5 mi.), Thornton (5 mi.), and Commerce City (5 mi.).

UNDER 10 MILES: Northglenn (6 mi.), Arvada (6.5 mi.), Denver (8 mi.), and Broomfield (9 mi.).

UNDER 20 MILES: Superior (13 mi.), Louisville (13 mi.), Lafayette (14 mi.), Golden (14 mi.), Lakewood (14 mi.), Aurora (14-25 mi.), Littleton (18 mi.), Boulder (20 mi.)

UNDER 30 MILES: Erie (21 mi.), Centennial (23 mi.), Longmont (26 mi.)

OVER 30 MILES: Parker (32 mi.), Castle Rock (37 mi.), Loveland (45 mi.), Greeley (57 mi.), Fort Collins (58 mi.). Pretty much everywhere in the Front Range is between 1.3 and 130 miles from the pottery mother lode.

*** A very, very large order of terracotta has been placed. Stay tuned for its arrival ***

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