1/16/21 - Be Here for Pottery, Plants, & Beer for Bodyguards

There’s an unsung hero of the Denver pottery sales: the bodyguard.

This is the person you bring along with you because you don’t know what to expect, because you might need a hand carrying things, or because you could use someone to remind you that you can’t buy all the pots and plants. Without this person, where would we be?

Whether it’s a he or a she, a husband or a girlfriend, this friend is my friend, and these friends are welcome to a beverage while you peruse my liquid assets. Just mention you’d like one of the “Beers for Bodyguards” and we’ll crack open a cold one for your strong and silent type, permitted that they’re at least 21-years of age.

One beer per bodyguard per party per visit. Party on bodyguard!

And now that we’re well into the body of this post with minimal mention of pottery, let me plant some specifics on you.

Pottery, pots, and planters are what’s primarily for sale, though there’s a house full of plants that are primarily succulents. Think cactus, string of pearls, cacti, snake plants, fairy castle cactus, string of hearts, opuntia, pachypodium, euphorbia, you get the picture.

Most items, plant or inanimate, range from $10 to $40, though this doesn’t cover the full gamut. There are old cacti above $200, 22-inch cubes for $100, and 16-inch planters for $45. By and large, most items fall under $40 though, which is aided by cash discounts on multi item discounts.

Ask around, you’ll find I imbibe in extra pottery, lacing orders with a free pot or two of customers’ choosing where applicable.

If you and your bodyguard are free this weekend, feel free to visit my house of pots in the neighborhood of Sherrelwood right off Highway 36 and the Pecos exit. Nearby cross streets include 74th and Pecos and my zip code is 80221, but you’ll notice that somebody has guarded their precise location.

You won’t find it in the body of this copy. Message me for the exact address.

I’m only available 9-5 on Saturdays and Sundays. Some days I’m at the shop during the week, and though it’s only for sure that I’m working on the weekends, feel free to let me know when you’re in the area and we’ll try to link up.

I can be reached phone at:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

Feel free to peruse my list of completely free items:

Broken pottery

Plant clippings while supplies last


Packaging materials

Random rocks

Terracotta for kids

Beer for bodyguards

Pottery jargon

Perhaps you’ve heard the rumors that the pottery jargon has gone stale, that it feels a bit recycled, and that you’ve heard this before. You’re not wrong:

Mile high yucca rostrata owners, I want that plant and I’ll give major deals to land those landscape worthy decorative art pieces. Do you have extra succulents? Trade them to me for a nursery planter for that special gardener in your life. We can barter just like at a garage, estate, yard, or barn sale. My plants are mostly xeriscape / cactus / drought tolerant, though just like the majority of euphorbia, they’re not going to be able to survive outdoors in the 5280 winter. Good thing I have cheap Italian terracotta pottery for cacti and house plants alike. For the time being, I even have backyard pachypodium inside, free macetas for the littles ones in the family, surplus planters at discount, and value succulent vines. Exterior décor like a gainey maceta? Any garden can dig those when they’re potting, gardening, and just planting some flowers outside.

Do you live in Castle Rock, Erie, or somewhere somewhat out of the way like Fort Collins, Greeley, or Loveland? That’s ok, because I’m under an hour away and you won’t find better prices in the Denver area. That means hop in your car, leave Louisville, Arvada, Superior, Longmont, or wherever you are and drive past Thornton, Centennial, Broomfield, or Commerce City to get to Sherrelwood. Sherrelwood, who would have thunk? It’s right near Northglenn, Westminster, and Federal Heights. It’s the Front Range’s hidden gem, when it comes to pottery at least. So listen up Lafayette, Boulder, and Littleton, you know where the best prices are, or at least gardeners from Aurora, Parker, Golden, and Lakewood do.

*** Bring a bodyguard for a beer and a better pottery experience + don’t forget to ask about #BroncoDay ***

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