9/5/22 - My Labor of Love - Labor Day Pottery Sale + Plants

I’m counter culture.

When everyone and their mom was setting up a plant shop or venturing into selling house plants online, I purchased a house zoned commercial and brought the best pottery business Colorado has ever seen to Denver.

When inflation started raising the prices on pots, planters, and other synonyms for pottery, I held my prices strong and maintained discounts on my best in market pricing.

When freight became so untenable that international shipping rose 500% and your average truck driver began asking for an extra $3,000 for a shipment, I sourced new transport and relied heavily on over 5 years of contacts to ensure my prices stayed low.

And through it all, my pottery operation, A House of Pots, has remained a labor of love.

I love giving customers the lowest prices on pottery anywhere within 1,000 miles. It’s invigorating to provide bundle discounts on purchases of two or more. I find it enthralling to give away items like plates, trays, and saucers that cost so much elsewhere, if you can even find them, that typically leave you bawling.

I love what I do.

And that’s why I’m here to say I’ll be open for business Monday, September 5th, Labor Day, from 12 noon until 5 p.m., proving the plants and pots you so clearly need, when the majority of my competition is closed for business.

Sure Harm Depot and Blowes will be open, but their employees will sure wish they weren’t.

Yes, there’s a plant shop or two that realizes there’s going to be plenty of buyers looking to conduct business, but they can’t touch me on the price.

No, I don’t know who else will make themselves available to you on this Monday, or why they don’t value your business as much as I do, but, what’s certainly clear to me, is that they don’t.

So don’t delay, head my way to North Denver, off Highway 36 and the Pecos, and look for the pots. They can’t be missed. Just this holiday my hours are limited to 12 to 5, but every Saturday and Sunday you can find me from 11 to 6, or until whenever it’s pitch black out.

Message me for the address and to see what I’m all about:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


Terracotta, above all else, is so well priced. $1 for $35 for up to 18 inches is so very nice.

Glazed pots, they’re nice too, though they cost a bit more, $10 to $150 typically, on one or two.

The plants, like philodendron, pothos, monstera, ZZ, money trees, cactus, succulents, so on and so forth, are priced to be pushed out the door, because I can always buy more, and fall between $5 and $45 more often than not.

Love is, is what I got. I said remember that. I don't cry when my dawg, Rudy, runs away. I don't get angry at the pottery bills I have to pay. I don't get angry when some moms only want free pots, because plant related entities are what I got.

Find all of the following for free:

Sublime lyrics

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Messy pottery displays and sections

Terracotta for your kids

Little succulents for them too

Plenty of cardboard to feed a family of twenty two


Nursery planters

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Broken pottery

Terracotta shards

Food recommendations

Definite sightings of me imbibing libations

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If you were to take anything from this post, it’s that I have the pots and I love what I do. If you were to take anything else from this post, it’s that I’m open on Labor Day, Monday, September 5th, from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m.

*** Come check out my labor of love and spoil yourself, your loved ones, and the plants you love ***

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