9/17/22 - Trappin Like Hank - He'll Sell You Pottery, Yes He Will

I'm no masochist, but I'm so propane, you might as well call me the pottery game's Hank Hill.

I'm trappin' like Hank. He'll hold you up, with brochure-filled information.

<< Easy to understand sales pitch up front; slow fist pump with that brochure, on the side. >>

Bro, for sure, these pots are ride or die, like Hank Hill if you was finnin to try.

My brochure of propane and propane accessories would read:

A House of Pots

Plants and Pots for Sale

Low, Low Prices

Multi-item Discounts

<< Graphic of Hank and Bobby holding 6 pots >>

North Denver

11-6 Saturdays and Sundays

Message for Address:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


Terracotta: $1-35

Cylinders: $25-220

Glazed Ceramics: $5-280

Plants: $0-150

<< Holographic of Mrs. Peggy Hill judo chopping a stack of clay planters >>

Don't try to come at me with that weak gas, like butane. I maintain good will with all my day ones, the Bills, Dales, Boomhauers, and even Kahns if you will. Return customers, beyond just the return discounts, are always welcome to come kick back a cold one and chil.

You don’t have to be up my alley for all the following that’s FREE … if you follow along with a Boomhauer voice on the count of three:

Dad gum broken pots

Dang ol’ rescue plants

Talkin’ ’bout terracottas for dem kids

All that dang cardboard

No good pallets

Mean you got the styrofoam

Man I tell you what clay pottery pieces

Did one of them nursery pots

Nobody done free pottery with purchase

Dang ol‘ love, man

It’s like this: dust in the wind man, or like a dang ol’ candle in the wind man. You gon — it don matter man it’s not the old oldies all th’ time man

<< No good pottery jargon, still in Boomhauer voice >>

Longmont, dang ol' plants, red clay, Aurora, dad gum gardens, Littleton, running, Northglenn, trees, Superior, yard sale, talkin’ ’bout commerce City, succulents, jargon, dang ol' pottery barn, Westminster, Fort Collins, dad gum gardening, dang ol' parker, stoneware, dang ol' porcelain, Loveland, talkin’ ’bout cactus, monstera, vegetable box, Lakewood, dad gum gardener, Arvada, dang ol' pottery, Brighton, dang ol' pots, terracotta, talkin’ ’bout centennial, dang ol' planter, talkin’ ’bout cement, dang ol' plant stand, Louisville, hiking, Federal Heights, fishing, Denver, dad gum garden, Erie, talkin’ ’bout climbing, dad gum greeley, dang ol' plant, dang ol' philodendron, dad gum grow aloe, Wheat Ridge, dad gum garage sale, Broomfield, talkin’ ’bout cacti, talkin’ ’bout castle Rock, succulent, Thornton, mcm, dad gum green greenhouse, talkin’ ’bout ceramic, talkin’ ’bout ceramics, dad gum golden, estate sale, Boulder, dang ol' planters, holder dang ol' pot, tree, that’s my purse, I don’t know you

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