9/11/22 - Something of a Jungle - Plants and Pottery for Sale

My house is something of a jungle.

Safely nestled amid an asphalt jungle is this pottery repository adorned from door to door with plants, pots, value, and good times.

I’m unaware of your value system, but odds are that you like plants, because you’re human, or so they say. But it’s inhumane the way you’ve been holding back your personal jungle.

They say home is where the heart is, and I know you heart plants, so come on down to the business A House of Pots, the home of low, low prices, and pick up a house plant or six.

Let’s not get things mixed up though, I sell these, especially the plants. There’s a range of philodendron, pothos, ZZ, monstera, cacti, and succulents you can care for here, priced $5-45 for the most part. It’s the pots though that I carry an inhumane amount of, and I can let those fly at any price I please, and even include a pot or two for free to accompany your purchase.

You see, my house is something of a jungle, and the law of the jungle is the survival of the fittest; and I just so happen to be into fitness.

Fitness pot + plant combo into the back of your vehicle.

If plants are your drug, let me be your vehicle. Immediately insert yourself in your vehicle and mosey on up to North Denver, home of A House of Pots, where you’re about to get lots.

I’m available from 11-6 on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, and am located off Highway 36 and the Pecos exit. If you haven’t gathered that my business is called A House of Pots, feel free to message me for the address:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


The pots range from $10 to $150 by and large, but I have plenty that cost less, and a few that cost more. More than anything, you’ll cash in on multi item discounts, which might occur when you pick up a cactus and a terracotta pot, which I’ll plant for you for free, or when you get two or more colorful glazed ceramic planters.

It's a jungle out there and no one is going to take care of you and your plant addiction quite like this house of pots, which is actually a place of business and not the free come up that some might confuse it as.


Even still, come take some of my free stuff. We’ve got free:

- Styrofoam

- Used up styro

- Little bits of that white stuff from packaging

- Stuff that looks like perlite, but it’s actually styro

- Listen up, you’re getting styro whether you like it or not

- Clippings

- Rescues

- Terracottas for kids

- Pallets possibly

- Broken pots

- Try ro foam

- Terracotta shards

- Styro

- Jungle beats (holla at me)

- Pottery jargon

I was going to theme my pottery jargon after that Bobby Shmurda song that kicks off with the “jungle beats” call out, which is really “Jhalil Beats”, but be thankful that I didn’t. Instead, don’t read any of this:

Aurora, cement, hot picker, Parker, Westminster, Thornton, 9 millis, ceramics, Fort Collins, hiking, philodendron, running through these checks, garden 'til I pass out (pass out), I swear to terracotta all I do is cash out (all I do), And if you ain't a gardening hoe, get up out my estate sale trap house, Boulder, I been selling cracked pots since like the fifth grade, really never made no difference what the sh!t made, Wheat Ridge, Jaja taught me flip them mcm packs, Get that Longmont money back and spend it on the same thang, pots, planter, pot, and how to maintain gardens, porcelain shawty like the way that I ball out (ball out), I be fishing for money 'til I fall out (fall out), You talking Superior cash, Greeley dog, I goes all out (all out) Commerce City, tree, plant stand, Broomfield, planters, succulent, cactus, Louisville, monstera, Federal Heights, Castle Rock, Golden, yard sale, gardener, plant, running, Lakewood, green greenhouse, stoneware, Loveland, grow aloe, garage sale, Denver, holder, jargon, pottery barn, Erie, vegetable box, Northglenn, ceramic, climbing, pottery, cacti, Centennial, Arvada, Littleton, red clay, succulents, Brighton, plants, trees,

*** It’s something like a jungle here. We’ve got fun and clays ***

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