8/27/22 - Step 1: A House of Pots - Curry Favor With All These Plants and Pots

Here you are, bamboozled, trying to figure out how to land the pots you want and the perfect first date, or just a day where you can show your (would be) significant other how significant you think they really are.

Or you’re just trying to get some.

Step 1: A House of Pots

It’s not so strange, that if you’re trying to get a little strange, that preparing an excursion to pair your company with the perfect plant + pot might get you just what you want:

Currying a little favor

Por favor, for the love of all that is decent, understand that it’s really that simple.

Take him or her, most likely a her if we’re playing the odds, up to North Denver, home of the pots, and stop in for a minute, to show the both of you a good time.

Step 2: Peruse

You could use a little one on one, and you’ll get some, here, at A House of Pots, home of the low, low prices, like $1 and up terracotta, $10-70 Mexican clays, and $5-150 glazed ceramics, perfect for the lay, man.

Meander hand in hand here, picking and choosing two or more items for multi-item discounts.

Step 3: “I” Contact

My name is Ian, and if you like the cut of my jib, let’s cut to the chase and get down to business. Contact me directly for my address:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


I’m only here from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, so make sure you’re here when I’m here.

Step 4: Plant Yourself Aqui

Sure, you and yours can purchase everything you see, but what I hope you’ll see is that it doesn’t take much to impress outside of a little love and a little planting. Take the time to find the plant that’s right for them, priced $5 to $45 most likely, and discuss its future care and placement.

This place was meant to house more than our own self interests, so come hither to share your care and concern for others and take note of what blossoms.

Step 5: Free? You’re Mine

If you really love something, set it free, it’s been said, positively.

Watch what happens when you give your time, effort, and resources feely and with generosity.

I’ve grown many long lasting relationships largely because I offer all of the following absolutely free:






Little cardboard bits I’d throw away otherwise

Plant cuttings

Broken and cracked pottery beyond the point of sale

Potted plants for kids

Plant potting

Terracotta shards

Progresive discounts

Local plant business recommendations

Fuzzy feels

Step 6: Pottery Jargon

6 mins in, you’ll be pottery expert just like me, spouting off terms like:

Westminster, plants, Longmont, succulent, Golden, grow aloe, Superior, Fort Collins, vegetable box, Parker, ceramics, monstera, hiking, gardening, plant stand, pots, Aurora, Castle Rock, cement, gardener, garage sale, planter, mcm, running, Commerce City, Wheat Ridge, jargon, pottery barn, red clay, Boulder, Littleton, philodendron, cacti, fishing, Arvada, green greenhouse, Centennial, climbing, Federal Heights, Northglenn, Loveland, porcelain, yard sale, estate sale, tree, terracotta, Lakewood, planters, Broomfield, trees, Louisville, gardens, succulents, Denver, stoneware, garden, cactus, Greeley, holder, pottery, pot, ceramic, Thornton, Erie, plant, Brighton

Your jargon is sure to be so impressive the person you’re trying to date is sure to be impressed.

Step 7: Pay It Forward

If you’re trying to be forward, it’s never untoward to pay it forward for a friend or whomever you’re trying to be friendly with. Show them a good time, give them the time of day, and make the bold play and pay. Whether it’s $5 or one hundred and fifty, if you’re giving them your company and the gift of a planter and planty, I like your odds of remaining in good company.

Step 8: Biz Markie

Yes, you, you got what I need (money), but you say she's just a friend, or you say he's just a friend. Oh, baby, you, got what they need, so don’t say you’re just a friend. But let’s say you say he's just a friend, just maybe, I got what you need, so you won’t stay as just a friend. But you say he's just a friend?

*** Step 9: revisit step 6, step right quick, get down to biz, markie your calendar, and get that guy or gal down here ***

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