7/16/22 - My Pen is Persuasion - The Pottery Scribe Strikes Again

My pen is smart. My pen is kind. My pen is important.

Hello everybody. Somehow everything that remains to be penned will pin down the reasons why you should shop for your pottery here and nowhere else.

The reasons are simple: I’m easy to get to in North Denver and I’ve got the best selection, prices, and discounts in town.

But in this day and age, nobody cares about those things, or great service, or a house full of plants, or an interactive shopping experience that might take your breath away; both from visual array and physical exertion. What everybody wants is the narrative, the theme, the razzle dazzle, the razzamataz, the jazz hands.

Well guess what America, I’m about to jazz hands every member of the band, and you’ll be glad that I did.

For beginners, all that you see is available on the weekends, every weekend, in North Denver, 11-6. Feel free to message for the address or to request a time to view outside of my normal hours:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


For prices, there are many, and it’s best we go over those in person. Expect the $10 range on terracotta, glazed ceramic pots to be between $10 and $100, and house plants to range from $10 to $75.

There’s even free broken pottery, red clay shards, shattered cylinders, rescue plants in need of love, terracotta for the kids, and cuttings you can get jazzed over.

This is all well and great, but you might be asking yourself, where’s the original narrative?

Well here it goes:

It’s impressive what the mind can manifest into reality. In reality, every single pot you see started its life elsewhere, but found its way to Denver because I penned doing so into existence.

By simply imagining these pots into my backyard, just as you may for yours, the actions were sent into motion to bridge fantasy into reality and overflow my life with untold sums of ceramics.

This kind of power is persuasive. Through my writing, there is power. From my pen, pottery arrives.

My pen is powerful. My pen is persuasion. My pen is a force to be reckoned with.

If these posts are my canvas, imagine my pen is painting a picture otherwise unimaginable.

Before my pen is dipped in ink, my pen is responsible for all the imagery you see.

In the form of ceramics, my pen is always near, its ink all over each photo you’ve fawned for.

You’re longing for what, my pen is, in all forms, from photography curation to friendly piles of garbage, online and onsite. A sight of what my pen is is available for viewing more often; then you think.

My pen is the key to the whole operation. My pen is in hand at a moment’s notice. My pen is something to behold.

My pen isn’t even literal, but its legend will be foretold for times to come, for my pen is powerful, like this p. Jargon:

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Let’s get back to what my pen is and isn’t.

My pen is:






A heavy hitter

On your mind

In good taste

Going to surprise you

My pen isn’t:


One to quibble

Beloved by all

Hard to grasp

Anything special

The greatest of all-time

Interested in criticism

Going to let you down

*** Was this guy just writing about his wang doodle? That’s whatever you think my pen is; but yes ***

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