8/28 - Just Buy Her Plants, Stupid - Pots, Cactus, Succulents, and House Plants for Sale

I’ve got a stupid idea. That special lady in your life, your lady friend perhaps, what have you done for her lately? Why not show her your appreciation with a cactus, a plant, or just a little decorative pottery?

You might be a man. You might be a woman. It doesn’t matter who you are, just buy her a plant, stupid.

Gratitude, even the self-gratifying sort, is always in style. Besides, whatever the question is, the answer most certainly is, or minimally could be, to just buy her a plant, stupid.

Whether you’re in the dog house, will be making yourself at home in the dog house, or enjoy platonic plant gift giving, giving plants and planters is always a good idea.

Potted 4-inch succulent arrangements start at $10, while a nice hanging pothos averages $30. Aloe are $15, hanging baskets of string of hearts cost $35, and potted monstera are $50 and up.

Colorful glazed ceramics cost between $10 and $100. American and Italian terracotta run between $1 and $35. I have tree-sized 18-inch clay pots for $35. Large cacti in earthenware cost over $100, but include the pot with purchase.

Every plant or planter comes with the same deal: purchase two or more items and you’ll pay less than the face value and / or you’ll receive a suitable garden item for free.

It may seem stupid, but I sell more euphorbia, backyard landscaping decor, and Gainey ceramics when I’m only available on the weekends. Come get your urban gardener on from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (on Saturdays and Sundays).

If this doesn’t work for you, don’t fret, and feel free to inquire whether I’m available the day of midweek, or arrange an appointment that works for us both.

My shop and a stupid amount of potting materials are located in North Denver off Highway 36 and the Pecos exit. If you want the deals, if the prices at the local nursery are too high, or if you need a cheap maceta despite the cost of macetas climbing faster than any succulents you’ve ever seen, then text or call me at:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


Some say there’s no such thing as a stupid question. How about these:

Should I buy her a gift just because?

Does your mom enjoy flowers, planting, and gardening?

Will your coworker object to more house plants and house plant related paraphernalia for the office?

Does there have to be romantic intention to buy something for someone other than yourself?

Will your girlfriend give you a glazed look if you bring her a new pot for her desert plant?

Does the premise of buying something for “her” explicitly omit the possibility of buying something considerate for a bad little plant daddy or the vegetables he wants to grow?

Is “stupid is as stupid does” ever an appropriate thing to say about a blood relative?

You’re free to contemplate all of the above, and these free items available to customers independent of their purchase:

Broken planters, clay pottery shards, terracotta pots for kids, pallets, occasionally plant clippings, potting services, stupid dad jokes

I’m out of stupid human tricks, but I can give you these Cliffs Notes:

* Buy something for someone just because.

* I’m open on the weekends in North Denver.

* It’s impolite to say “stupid is as stupid does” to your sister’s face; even if she’s been tried in Florida for Snapchatting herself capture a baby gator, blow smoke into its face, feed it malt beverages, and then drink malt beverages off its tail.

*** She’s going through a lot. You should probably just buy her plants, stupid ***

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