8/14/21 - Bundle Up: Get More Goods for Your Buck from the Bundler

Is that a bun in your oven or is your bundle loving heart just happy to see me?

Good morning America. If we haven't been introduced before, they call me the Bundler; but you can call me Bun D. Lurman if you please.

I’m here for one purpose: to bundle you up in discounts on pots and plants.

I sell them both. Ranging from $1 terracotta planters to $300 mature cacti. Pottery currently ranges from $1 to $35 in terracotta and $10 to $80 in glazed. Plants cost between $5 and $45 for the most part.

Purchase two or more items, and you’ll pay a lesser price, and / or get some item(s) for free depending on the unit count of the exchange.

It’s like some kind of bundle of joy whenever I give someone a deal; and when I do, a Bundler up in heaven, or wherever, definitely gets its wings.

And so I do what I do. I bundle. A cactus plant in a glazed pot + a 6 inch golden pothos in a hanging basket. One 18-inch terracotta planter and 86 four-inch clay pots. Assorted succulents, house plants, cubes, ceramic potting implements, and so on.

If you’re looking for deals on pottery, you can find them in Sherrelwood (North Denver), right off Highway 36 and the Pecos Exit. I don’t list my address by design, so message me for that before driving my way:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


If you’d like to come backyard barter for décor, you’re welcomed to my house of pots weekends from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m., though I am known to arrive late or leave early upon circumstance. Be sure to message me when you’re on your way over.

It’s worth noting I used to offer regular weekday hours. I don’t any longer and likely won’t until spring. You can request to schedule a time midweek though and always feel free to ask if I’m going to be available the day of or the day you happen to be around.

If you’re free, any of the following are free:

Bundle discounts

Clay pots for kids


Cracked pots

Terracotta pieces

A piece of the action

Here’s a bundle of supplementary information:

I don’t sell flowers, but I have estate sized euphorbia. Ceramics aren’t cheap, increasingly less so as gardeners gardening their gardens all over the world gobble up the global supply before they’re planted stateside, but I’m doing my best to ensure cheap macetas for everyone (maceta = a pot). In any event, you can bundle decorative desert succulents for your garden, a Gainey, landscape sized tree pots, Italian terra, and a climbing philodendron, and still take home garage / yard sale style discounts. Whether you’re a gardener or planting for the first time, want to pot some of the trees from your landscaping, or just want to grow vegetables in a local vegetable garden, you won’t have to pay nursery prices to make off with a bundle.

*** Bundle up amigos ***

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