6/18/22 - Help Your Favorite Plant Daddy Flex on Some Hose - Plants and Pots for Sale

This is a Father’s Day post, and the theme is you spending that sweet cheddar here at the home of low, low prices in North Denver. 

You better not forget, before you were a glimmer in your father’s eye, a lot of his dreams had to die. 

No longer could he spend frivolously, for he had a family to think about. Wanton wads of cash were ready and able no more, for a mortgage, or whatever it took to make end’s meet, had to be his meat and potatoes if he ever wanted to meet you. 

But thank goodness he did, because it’s Father’s Day, and you owe him, big time. 

It’s time though. 

It’s time you took a long, hard look at his lawn and his landscaping and realized he’s not flexing nearly hard enough on Felix and the rest of the neighborhood.

Your dude deserves some big, beautiful planters for his home. Then he can really flex on Felix and those hose. Proper. 

Imagine the look on a Dad’s face when you drop him off A House of Pots, point him to the pots, and tell him to shop til he drops.

You’ll front the bill, or we’ll pretend that you will, because you can afford to provide happiness to yourself and others, even if you have to break it to him you didn’t actually intend to buy him $650 of pottery today. 

It’s okay though, because we’ve got multi item discounts on two or more, and for what you’re spending, you’re getting four or more. You’ve been to nurseries and garden centers before, so you’re not sore about Dad grabbing a 16” planter for $70, while supplies last.

Work that Dad's bod, even if your visit is just a ruse to use plant daddy’s dad muscles to do the heavy lifting during heavy plant and pot shopping. 

Do or don’t bring a dad, or be a bad little plant daddy yourself, I won’t quibble. Be sure to only come unannounced on the weekends though, Saturdays or Sundays, from 11 to 6 p.m. until further notice. I might be there a little earlier or later than those hours, or other days, so it’s best to reach out, especially if you need the address:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >> 

- or - 


Do you like dad jokes? Watch me flex on them hose with free prose, enough cardboard to feed a plant dad, broken pottery pieces, nearly dead plants, severely cracked planters, perfect terracottas for kids, plenty of styro, balled up plastic wrap, the pictures you were looking at earlier, and an allusion to the biggest hose in Sherrelwood.

Time for p.jargon:

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*** Imagine you and a plant dad here, straight flexing ***

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