4/30/22 - You Can't Fight the Feeling ... Or My Wall of Pottery — Plants & Pottery for Sale

Do you feel that?

You’ve got Spring Fever and the only prescription is more cowbell, I mean pottery.

*It’s gonna be May, and you don’t have to be a Timberlake for me to tell you about what’s just in:

Cylinders. Lots. Matte, unfinished clay and glazed white. Two sizes. 13 and 16 inches. Wide boys.

They make for ample additions to my wall of pottery, which you can find in North Denver off Highway 36 and the Pecos exit from 1030 a.m. to 530 p.m. on weekends.

Feel like you might want to come check out all this great stuff? Message me for the address at:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


“Build walls, not bridges”, the pottery gods once told me during a fever dream, and so I did, many feet tall, filled with planters priced from $1 to $100.

Bridging over into the world of plants, they’re also for sale and range from $10 to $75 for the most part, with $15-$35 being the sweet spot.

If you’ve got a sweet spot for a good deal, get multiple plants or pots in a single purchase and get a good deal in the form of discounts or free additional items.

If you’d like to add a few additional items completely for free, I get the feeling you might like any of the following:


Broken pottery

Pottery shards

Little pottery bits

Bits of broken pottery

Bits and pieces of pottery, broken

Some broken planters I have by the fence

Terracotta that’s been previously broken for you

Broken piles of pottery that for real are super broken

Actually free, but also cute clay pots for your accompanying children

Plant cuttings on occasion

Ditto with rescue plants

Pottery jargon:

Good people of Arvada, you might be asking “what does all this jargon have to do with my garden? I just want some red clay pottery big enough for tree gardening.” Well, Mr. Timberlake, all this jargon, pottery barn serves a purpose. I spout out terms like hiking, Thornton, cement, terracotta, plant stand, Brighton, and ceramic / planter in sequences to make my search results go from Broomfield to Boom Field. See, you’re out there, fishing for cacti, and then you search for anything with any of the following words: gardener, plants, garage sale, porcelain, holder, Superior, pots, green greenhouse, Lakewood, Aurora, Loveland, Littleton, trees, Wheat Ridge, succulents, Centennial, Louisville, plant, grow aloe, philodendron, running, Erie, ceramics, Northglenn, estate sale, Commerce City, monstera, climbing, Golden, Fort Collins, Federal Heights, succulent, mcm, Denver, vegetable box, Greeley, Parker, stoneware, yard sale, Boulder, or Castle Rock. And then boom, I got you. Gardens, pot, Westminster, planters, cactus, Longmont.

*** Spring is in the air. You can’t fight the feeling. Legally speaking at least. ***

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