4/2/22 - What's the Price Pottery Sale - Pots and Plants for Sale at a Price

Several years ago, three amigos asked, “what’s the price?”

Their names weren’t Lucky, Dusty, or Ned, nor Steve, Chevy, or Martin; but, rather, Kirshnik, Kiari, and Quavious.

Better known as Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff, these Migos knew that there was no such thing as a free lunch, and thereby that all this great pottery they were seeing could in no way be free.

This realization was indeed correct. All the pots and plants were for sale at a price. And sooner or later, the price would be going up.

Tell me the price, you say. There can be no surprise. What’s the price? Prices, prices, going up,

prices, prices (price).

The year in 2022 and you’re no stranger to prices, prices going up. Gas, rent, food, and your items of interest at your local garden center or nursery.

My place of business, A House of Pots, the last bastion of low, low prices, unfortunately is not immune to the market factors that influence price point.

What’s my point in all this? Prices are going up, here and everywhere, and if you delay, it’s only you who’ll bear the price to pay. Because from the cost of acquisition to the rising prices of freight, fuel, storage, labor, and the aluminum cans littered about my store front, my price is going up, prices.

Hold on, price, going up yeah (I slide).

(Skrrt skrrt, skrrt skrrt, going up)

Did I just make a thinly veiled allusion to a southern hip hop ballad to inform customers that they shouldn’t delay visiting my location to secure my low, low prices before they are no longer so low, low? Yes. Do I lose any sleep when a Bad Mona Lisa doesn’t want to slide with my people because I made them read a little literature to learn about my Culture? Absolutely not.

What I’ve got, besides a lot of pots, is a location in North Denver off Highway 36 and the Pecos Exit that’s only open to the public 1030 to 530 on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday.

You can find that location by taking any of the cues above or messaging me for the address:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


You had asked about the prices.

There’s terracotta from $1 to $35 on 2.5” to 18.1” planters. Glazed ceramics cost between $10 and $120 on average, with more extravagant or large items ranging up to $260.

Plants like philodendron, cactus, succulents, ivy, pothos, monstera, ZZ plants, and your assorted house plant here and there cost between $5 and $55 on average, with $30-35 being the sweet spot. Lord knows you’ve seen prices in these regards increasing across the board at all your favorite places of business.

But where’s the value proposition you ask? Formerly it was buy two or more items and receive a discount, with hefty price reductions for larger orders and free pottery inclusions on qualified purchases. In the future, it might just be that my list prices are that much cheaper than every other shop that just continues to raise their prices again and again.

I will always be less expensive than your favorite store. I will always compete directly with businesses that profit billions of dollars a year and operate thousands of locations nationwide. I might not be able to wholesale to Colorado plant shops and garden centers much longer.

For now, discounts are the pink slip for the ride. Pay for pots and put your wants in the trunk, it's all legal. I came from dimes, no cosigns.

You can’t read between the lines? Like a pro skater did my own grinds.

What’s absolutely free? Not even your mind. But don’t pay me no mind. Pay me in kind. And if you’re not the payment kind, take all the following for free from my pottery mine:

Trash. Junk. Filth. Scrap. Jargon. Tomfoolery. Recyclables. Free clay pots for tots. Plant cuttings on occasion. Rescue plants as well. Broken pottery past the point of sale. Terracotta shards. Migos references. Detailed explanations about how this post only serves the point to advertise the pictures and inventory depicted and the fact that the prices, each price, is going up. Cardboard. Allusions to when pottery was less expensive and it didn’t cost me three times as much to get it to Denver. Good vibes. Materials for crafting. Crafty copywriting.

You might be thinking, “tell me what the preacher preach about (preacher)”, and “tell me what the teacher teach about (teacher)”, and the lesson is simple:

My prices have been artificially too low for too long. The price is, the prices are going up. Get what you can while you can because it won’t last through Spring.

You can come through, just make sure you clear me out (brrr). Ooh, clear me out, clear me out, just clear me out. Clear me out. Hear me out. YT Search “ Migos - What The Price [Official Video] ” , then chew on all this pottery jargon:

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*** YT Search: Migos - What The Price [Official Video] ***

Hold on

(Woo woo woo, price)

Bad Mona Lisa

Slide with my people

Pink slip for the ride

But what's in the trunk, it's illegal

Came from dimes, no cosigns

You can read between the lines

Like a pro skater did my own grinds

Tell me what the preacher preach about (preacher)

Tell me what the teacher teach about (teacher)

I'ma go find me a better route

That bullshit and cap you can leave it out (cap)

They talking but ain't tryna hear me out

Won't open the door, tryna leave me out (open)

I'ma pull up and just empty out (brrr)

Come through, just make sure you clear me out (brrr)


Clear me out, clear me out

Just clear me out

Clear me out

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