4/24/21 – Come on Down, the Price Is Right Pottery Sale – I Sell Plants & Pots

Are you looking for a showcase? I’m ready for a showdown.

If you’re in town, this is the weekend. The price is right.

It’s time you come on down; the time is right.

Pots and plants are for sale. You like those, right?

Coming up I-25 to Highway 36? The exit’s on the right.

No matter what I write, it’s true you might not come on down from your high, horse, or your home near Horsetooth Reservoir for a visit; but perhaps you’re interested in taking as many free things as you can carry.

I assure you, the price is certainly right on lots of free things that I’m currently offering including:

TERRACOTTA for Kids, BEER for Bodyguards, CASH DISCOUNTS for Multi Item Purchases, EXTRA POTS for Big Spenders, CUTTINGS & RESCUES upon Request, BROKEN BITS & SHARDS for All, PHOTOS with The Don, and RANDOM PALLETS for Your Parlor.

But you don’t have to be Bob Barker, or reside outside Parker, to get great prices on ceramics though. Every customer receives a sweet deal.

Regular items for sale at the shop cost between $2 and $85 for the most part. That doesn’t include extravagant cacti costing between $100-450, but does include 4 inch terracotta planters, a 16 inch glazed ceramic, 22 inch concrete cubes, 2 inch succulents, a 4 inch cactus, 6 inch philodendron, 8 inch monstera in a planter, and a 10 inch house plant; all individually, of course.

If you want to set course towards the pots this weekend, search "Sherrelwood" and veer near North Denver. You're looking for the Pecos exit off Highway 36. Message me for the address.

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


The shop is only open on the weekends from 10 to 6. Take your pick between Saturday and Sunday. If you’re only available weekdays, feel free to reach out the day of or if you find yourself in Denver. You might luck out and find that I’m at or near my shop. We can always coordinate as well.

Have you been craving Pottery Jargon? Good. Because while I might not be a Gilmore, it’s no boast that I can fill more jargon into my pottery than most.

Alright? Happy? Nice and easy:

88 pottery jargon search terms themed after a Happy Gilmore fight scene? That was not nice and easy.

All I know is that desert guy's driving me crazy with his garage / garden / ceramic sale content racing through my head. You know what else is driving me crazy? You not getting the ball to the deal table for a hole in one. Don't push me, Bob. Now's not the time to tell Colorado about how they can trade extra time for nursery sized vegetable planters without price hiking higher than a tree. I might be a jackass, (GROANING), but my potting deals on ceramics for outdoors are perfect for your deck. This guy sucks at finding Gainey in Colorado, growing vegetables, fruit, and other green goods, even in Italian terracotta, and even keeping a baby flower alive at his home. But what I am good at is having you consider climbing off your couch, leaving your laptop, and embracing the exterior world with a yard sale that’s ripe with bargain gardening. (DONALD LAUGHING) We haven't seen Happy Gilmore play with pachypodium, ever, but this isn’t his first day on the cheap, surplus succulents Tour. He and Bob Barker are in the house and they’d never leave you on the outside looking in without a free with purchase maceta / planter. Now dead last in the Mile High in lifting weights, we’re running a family estate filled with euphorbia, xeriscape pottery, plants that grow with low water in their macetas, and land laden with value by design. I can't believe you're a professional golfer Happy Gilmore, tying in the fact I’m just editing movie or lyrical transcripts from time to time, or the fact A House of Pots continues to hold landscaping succulent trees in the 5280. Some think I should be working at the snack bar, or with outdoor tires, iphone sales, holiday décor, or as a cactus gardener; but I always tell them “you better relax, Bob.” And then they’re like “there is no way that you could have been as bad at planting as you are at fishing for compliments”, and that’s when I throw down my yucca plant, damaging its glazed container and crushing several house plants, and say “all right, let's go.” (GROANING) (THROWS FISTS AND CLAY BALL AT BOB THE PRICE IS RIGHT BARKER) You dig that, old cacti man? You want a piece of my backyard plants? I don't want a decorative piece of you. I want the whole lansdscape! (PEOPLE EXCLAIMING) Now you're gonna get it, Barter Bobby! FLOWERS MAN: Happy! The price is wrong, for that ditch witch.

Here’s a random list of locations and their distances from Sherrelwood (0 mi.):

Northglenn (6 mi.), Westminster (2.5 mi.), Littleton (18 mi.), Boulder (20 mi.), Arvada (6.5 mi.), Commerce City (5 mi.), Front Range (1.3 to 130 mi.), Greeley (57 mi.), Castle Rock (37 mi.), Centennial (23 mi.), Broomfield (9 mi.), Golden (14 mi.), Federal Heights (2 mi.), Lakewood (14 mi.), Loveland (45 mi.), Lafayette (14 mi.), Superior (13 mi.), Aurora (14-25 mi.), Denver (8 mi.), Fort Collins (58 mi.), Louisville (13 mi.), Longmont (26 mi.), Erie (21 mi.), Parker (32 mi.), Thornton (5 mi.)

I think you've had enough.


Mandatory Portuguese:

Galinha = chicken

Now you've had enough. (In Bob Barker’s voice) Biatch.

*** Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered. Goodbye everybody. ***

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