10/15/23 - A Woman's Right to Choose - We've Got Plants and Pots for Sale

Alright, America.

At A House of Pots, located at

1620 w 74h way Denver CO 80221,

we think it’s time we talk about something serious and seriously overlooked:

A woman’s right to choose

When it comes to picking pottery between couples, by default, it’s the woman’s right to choose. 

When picking pots, there’s a reason why the default response from a male companion is, “yes, dear”, or “whatever you like, sweetheart”, or “I don’t fcuking know, this is your thing”, and that’s because they know the truth, and that is when it comes to pottery, it’s a woman’s right to choose. 

Now you might be thinking, “hold up Ian, there are exceptions”, and there are, but by and large, it remains a woman’s right to choose. 

But what about same gender relationships, decisions made between roommates, or just platonic business partnerships? In all those cases, the decisive vote lies with the predominant female personality in the dynamic. 

Why is this so? 

Because women just care more, especially about what colors tie the room or outdoor space together, whereas most dudes simply abide and take a Lebowski-like approach when choosing pottery with a female companion.

Let me make a distinction among men though. A man that comes here by his own volition, who brings his friends, or is just a general all-around plant daddy, of course cares about the size, style, and color of the glazed or terracotta pottery he purchases. He’s not who we’re talking about here. 

We’re talking about a Ronald Kubie here, who’s accompanied by a one Jackie Treehorn, and she really likes the yellow pot. Well guess what Mr. Kubie, you’re getting that pot. And it will definitely tie the room together. 

But what about when there’s a tie breaker between a Bunny and Maude, who has the right to choose then? The individual that cares more, regardless of whether they’re paying, gets to choose, because she’ll be the one to own the look and ensure the necessary complimentary pieces are assembled to tie said room together. 


A dude like Uli Kunkel, or Karl Hungus, showing up with a Fawn Knutsen, they’re basically a nihilist in my eyes when it comes to final pottery decision making. It’s the woman’s right to choose. And as soon as everyone acknowledges that, I can get back to the pottery pertinents:

Pots for sale. There are plants. My name is Ian. Located in North Denver. Multi-item discounts. Open on weekends. Saturday & Sunday. 11-6 are the hours. Pottery jargon. Free garbage. 

How that all intermixes is a woman’s right to choose. 

Should you choose to visit, message for the address:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or - 


Choosy moms choose to chew on pottery jargon:

People of Aurora, as the pictures convey, a new shipment did just arrive for your trees and yard sale fishing. That’s all the original potter jargon you’re getting Broomfield, running, garden, Greeley, terracotta, cactus, holder, gardening, Centennial, Castle Rock, vegetable box, grow aloe, Fort Collins, gardener, plant, Arvada, Louisville, Longmont, tree, garage sale, gardens, Westminster, Littleton, Denver, porcelain, Wheat Ridge, cement, Commerce City, philodendron, planter, Parker, plants, Superior, pot, jargon, pottery barn, succulent, climbing, Loveland, green greenhouse, Erie, Lakewood, plant stand, succulents, cacti, pots, hiking, Thornton, ceramic, Federal Heights, Golden, estate sale, Boulder, Northglenn, ceramics, Brighton, monstera, red clay, stoneware, mcm, planters, plant store near me, plants near me, plant shop, pottery shop, pottery store near me, pottery shop near me, pots near me, pottery near me,

Other free things:

Rubbage, rescue plants, enough cardboard to feed a family, clay pots for underage tots, nursery planters, damaged pottery, pottery shards, free objects that women like with purchase, Jackie Treehorn


*** You know who doesn’t treat objects like women? Man *** 

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