11/5/22 - Seasons Change, As Does This Potsman - Pottery and Plants for Sale

In the beginning, there were pots, and I was all about them.

I, the one true Potsman, assembled many, priced them low, and gave discounts a plenty to those who ventured my way to explore the wares I peddled north of Denver.

But things changed, as the seasons tend to, and it became apparent that this blessed assembly had become an impairment, and the only remedy was to change course and reassemble.

Re: my assembly, I’m liquidating.

First, I’ll begin with the big items, slashing them 25-50% off in many cases.

Next, I’ll focus on the less popular items, which will be so low you won’t know what hit you.

After, I’ll think about blowing out the plant shop, but I’ll probably keep those as is, because they’re already priced so low, $5-30 for the most part, and we all know a little green is good for A House of Pots.

A House of Pots. This business is called A House of Pots. It’s where there are the most pots, unless I can do anything about it.

Terracotta pottery has always been priced low, $0.50 to $30; and if you’re buying large, even cheaper.

Glazed ceramics have got to go too, and so I’ll do a $100 pot for $60 in some instances.

Buy planters in bulk and you’ll get to see why I’m the one true Potsman, with discounts a plenty.

I’ve always run multi-item discounts. It’s my jam. It gives me joy. And boy, do I need to dig deeper to liquidate quicker.

I foresee a window of incredible savings for any and everyone who ventures my way. This way I can make moves sooner than later and make the changes necessary to ensure the longevity of value pottery in Denver.

Where is this treasure trove of pottery in North Denver I speak of?

It’s all at A House of Pots, located at 1620 w 74th way, Denver, CO 80221.

It’s worth noting that I’m only available with certainty on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm. It’s getting darker earlier, so maybe give me a heads up you’re running late just in case I’m thinking of sneaking out earlier.

If you happened to miss the address above or want me message it to you, feel free to contact me at:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


You’ll notice that I revealed my address in the post, which is a change. I’m less concerned about someone showing up when I’m not there and upsetting their feelings as a result these days. Let me reiterate though, this is a weekend based business. My weekends include Saturday and Sunday, but not other days of the week. Odds are you didn’t get this far without out grasping this, but you never know.

One thing you didn’t know, I’ve got a website now. Check out ahouseofpots . com. There’s a fun little section that has all the posts I’ve ever written called “Posts”. Look for the “Greatest Hits” section and take a guess where I’m going next.

What is next though is changing my approach to mirror my roots, circa 2017. If people thought I had great prices in Denver, wait until they see what I have planned now. How? You’ll have to see for yourself.

It’s ok if you don’t have the budget to get everything you want. I still want you to come hither, whether you’re wanting to spend money or not. I’ve got something for you. It’s pictured in my pictures, and it can most certainly be free.

What, pray tell, might this be? There’s just one way to find out, but I’m sure you’ll like it.

What else is free? I’ve got a list for thee:

Mystery pottery

Hyperlinks to my new website

Critiques of said website

Fallen leaves

Winds of change

Little plants for kids

Clay pots for tots

Cuttings on occasion

Rescues infrequently

Perspective from a change landscape

Probably some empty aluminum

Stuff I don’t want

Clay bits and pieces

Broken planters

Cracked pots

Promotional items

Imperfect trays

Throw away saucers

Pottery jargon

What is pottery jargon? When I’m lazy, it looks a little something like this:

Commerce City, Federal Heights, yard sale, Golden, cactus, Denver, pottery store near me, gardener, tree, trees, jargon, pottery barn, Northglenn, holder, succulents, monstera, cacti, planters, plant shop, pottery shop, Broomfield, gardens, pottery, Superior, porcelain, Erie, vegetable box, garden, plant stand, Fort Collins, plant store near me, Aurora, pottery shop near me, red clay, Brighton, Castle Rock, plants near me, stoneware, climbing, Arvada, garage sale, philodendron, estate sale, cement, ceramic, Louisville, Thornton, terracotta, plants, pots, succulent, plant, Wheat Ridge, Loveland, Longmont, Greeley, planter, Centennial, pot, Littleton, fishing, grow aloe, mcm, Westminster, Parker, green greenhouse, hiking, running, Boulder, gardening, pottery near me, ceramics, Lakewood, pots near me,

When I’m applying a little more effort, pottery jargon looks more like this:

Commerce City, Federal Heights I’ve got a yard sale that’s more Golden than any cactus, in Denver. It’s the pottery store near me, the one for the gardener with the tree or trees. Jargon? I’m the pottery barn of it. Northglenn, I’m a holder of succulents, monstera, cacti, planters and a mid range plant shop overall, but a pottery shop like no other. I’m here to fill Broomfield gardens with pottery at prices Superior to anywhere you can find porcelain ware in Erie. A vegetable box garden you say? I’ve got you. A plant stand for your home in Fort Collins even because the plant store near me or in Aurora didn’t have what you were looking for? Well that’s not really me, but I am the pottery shop near me, and I usually just flip red clay and use that instead. So listen up Brighton and Castle Rock, if you want plants near me or stoneware without prices climbing higher than someone tripping balls in Arvada, come on down to my garage sale style store and pick up a philodendron or two and some planters at estate sale prices. There’s cement, ceramic, and the Louisville / Thornton special: terracotta. Plants, pots, a succulent plant, all a stone’s throw from Wheat Ridge? Yes, I’ve got that. Loveland, Longmont, and Greeley end up driving farther to find a planter than Centennial would for a pot, but if you’re in Littleton fishing for a new vessel to grow aloe in, perhaps something mcm, I’ve got you. Westminster and Parker, come check out this green greenhouse after hiking, running, or on your way to Boulder (we’re just off Highway 36). Gardening with pottery near me like ceramics couldn’t be easier though if you’re near Lakewood, because I’ve got the pots near me.

*** A Potsman never fears change, unless it’s pennies. I’ll let you keep that change ***

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