11/12/22 - Legends Foretold of an Epic Pottery Liquidation - Pots & Plants for Sale

Legends foretold

of this dipfcuk that bought every pot.

He did. No, he did.




Know, this guy, he did some sh!t. He did, and then some.

Some sh!t, that's what I'm in. So I'm dumping it.

I'm dumping it!


Low, low prices.

I'm doing it. It has to be done.

Legends foretold.


It's all liquid baby.

Liquid gold.

25-50% off most inventory.

Medallions, come and get, my stallions.

My style, it's Ian.

1620 w 74th way Denver CO 80221 is where it's all located. Tell a friend. Look up A House of Pots.

It's a house that's also a business inundated with terracotta, ceramic, resin, plastic, and glazed pottery.

While I'm only available on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, from 11 am to 530 / 6. Message me if you have any questions:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

-or -


If you've made it this far, share this post in a (plant) group or with friends. A literal share goes a long way.

If you like plants just a little bit, you'll like all the greenery you'll find inside my plant shop. Philodendron, pothos, ZZ plants, monstera, money plants, snake plants, cactus, succulents, dracaena. Nothing too rare and nothing too expensive.

The majority of the plants fall between $10 and $45.

Plants are great, but the overall theme is I'm gutting the pottery inventory, which the prices will reflect.

Bundle prices still most certainly apply, and there's a good chance there's freebies available with or without purchase.

As always, all of the following are free:

Broken pottery, clay pieces, cracked pots past the point of repair, clay pots for tots, cuttings and rescues on occasion, hospitality, generosity

So long as I'm liquidating, and likely even there after, I've got zero charge pots available in exchange for Instagram Stories mentions and / or Google reviews. Mention this to me in person and I'll show you what's free.

Naturally, there a healthy supply of free pottery jargon:

Commerce City, Federal Heights I’ve got a yard sale that’s more Golden than any cactus, in Denver. It’s the pottery store near me, the one for the gardener with the tree or trees. Jargon? I’m the pottery barn of it. Northglenn, I’m a holder of succulents, monstera, cacti, planters and a mid range plant shop overall, but a pottery shop like no other. I’m here to fill Broomfield gardens with pottery at prices Superior to anywhere you can find porcelain ware in Erie. A vegetable box garden you say? I’ve got you. A plant stand for your home in Fort Collins even because the plant store near me or in Aurora didn’t have what you were looking for? Well that’s not really me, but I am the pottery shop near me, and I usually just flip red clay and use that instead. So listen up Brighton and Castle Rock, if you want plants near me or stoneware without prices climbing higher than someone tripping balls in Arvada, come on down to my garage sale style store and pick up a philodendron or two and some planters at estate sale prices. There’s cement, ceramic, and the Louisville / Thornton special: terracotta. Plants, pots, a succulent plant, all a stone’s throw from Wheat Ridge? Yes, I’ve got that. Loveland, Longmont, and Greeley end up driving farther to find a planter than Centennial would for a pot, but if you’re in Littleton fishing for a new vessel to grow aloe in, perhaps something mcm, I’ve got you. Westminster and Parker, come check out this green greenhouse after hiking, running, or on your way to Boulder (we’re just off Highway 36). Gardening with pottery near me like ceramics couldn’t be easier though if you’re near Lakewood, because I’ve got the pots near me.

*** The best items are going quick, but these legendary prices will hold strong until IT'S ALL GONE ***

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