12/18/21 - Paralysis: Buy Pottery - Plants and Planters for Sale

In the beginning, there was but one pot, and it was terracotta.

And from this clay was born a fervor for pottery so intense that it rendered its disciple useless.

The disciple was paralyzed by pottery.

So immense was the disciple’s inventory that any preexisting pottery was shroud with newfound plastic wrapped pallets. So immense was this inventory that movement around the pottery yard was nearly impossible. So immense was this inventory that the task of organization was too great for one disciple.

Suffering pottery paralysis, this disciple mailed in his weekly sales post, allowing readers to rely on the images to determine whether they wanted to request the address and visit the shop in North Denver:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


Omitted was information about cactus and house plant varieties available in house. Missing were details about prices ranging from $1 to $100, or the bundling that ensued on purchases of two or more items. Absent was the complete list of FREE items GIFTED to visitors, such as clay pots for tots, endless cardboard, infinite Styrofoam, and plenty of broken pottery materials.

Present were details about hours of operation:

Saturday and Sunday only from 1030 am to 6 pm (midweek appointments may be arranged upon request)

Also present were mixed up search terms in the form of pottery jargon:

Longmont plants, red clay, Aurora gardens, Littleton running, Northglenn trees, Superior yard sale, Commerce City succulents, jargon, pottery barn, Westminster pot, Fort Collins gardening, Parker tree, stoneware and porcelain, Loveland cactus, monstera, vegetable box, Lakewood gardener, Arvada pottery, Brighton terracotta, Centennial planter, cement, plant stand, Louisville hiking, Federal Heights fishing, Denver garden, Erie climbing, Greeley plant, philodendron, grow aloe, Wheat Ridge garage sale, Broomfield cacti, Castle Rock succulent, Thornton, green greenhouse, ceramic ceramics, Golden estate sale, Boulder planters, holder, pots

Finally, present were lyrics from musical physician Andre Romelle Young, which were conveniently written by a one Mathers, Marshall, before they were edited by the disciple.

*** What's the difference between us? We can stare and take a peek, yes. Or we can scream "I just want a pot" and see who means it. ***

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