11/12/21 - Come Grab My Private Pots - Plant & Planter Sale

Private property ...

You crave it, nay, you slave for it; and here I am, braving blistery Denver wintery weekends to give it to you for the lowest of low, low prices.

I sell beautiful private pots from a private property on weekends only, Saturday and Sunday, from 10 to 6. If you'd like to arrange a private appointment during the week, we can make an attempt, if you're limber.

These private pots cost between $10 and $40 on average, with the largest glazed ceramic pottery costing between $80-100.

I'm a private person, so I value my privacy, and request that you request my address if interested in visiting. Generally, I can be found in North Denver off Highway 36 and the Pecos exit.

Reach me on my private number:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


There's plants too. Let's say $10-$45, though I have odds and ends, and a private collection, that could cost more. There's house plants, cactus, succulents, philodendron, rare cacti, and things you've never seen before.

If you'd like to behold them, and my private pots, feel free. Like planter, like pot, when you buy two or three, you'll get something free, like discounts, or maybe something small to medium you liked after taking a good look at my privates.

Let's circle back. I sell plants and planters. That's all. Terracotta, ceramics, a single dogdam plant.

Though I'm told my private pots are much more impressive, I do offer free stuff like:

Pallets, broken terracotta giblets, dirt for the private pots purchased on site, cracked pottery, Little Timmy Gibbletts anecdotes (love that guy), clay pots for kids, you giving my private pots the "Test Drive Experience", which is what I call when a customer lifts up a pot to see how heavy and beautiful it is. It's not for the faint of heart, but feel free to move my private pots around to and fro to really get a good feel if they're for you. Really work those private pots. Free.

Do you like pottery jargon? Here's some from my private stash:

Private Golden garden, Englewood privacy gardens, Castle Rock pottery, Greeley private gardening, Arvada gardener, Brighton gardeners, Boulder plants, Erie plant, Lafayette pot, Westminster pots, Loveland and their private pots, Louisville tree, Centennial trees, Longmont planter, Fort Collins planters, Denver metro's #1 greatest, Aurora climbing plants, Wheat Ridge hiking, Lakewood fishing for compliments, Broomfield flower, Windsor flowers, Parker cacti, Highlands Ranch plant shop (except not really), Cherry Creek cactus, Littleton succulents (sweet burn, private), Northglenn potting, Thornton ceramics, succulent Commerce City food truck wishes

*** You can touch, but be advised, don't smell my private pots ***

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