10/23/21 - Support America and Buy This American Made Clay Pottery

You love America, right?

Prove it.

I support America so I buy and sell American made, and so should you.

This clay is made in the USA by 'Merica for 'Merica.

The only thing you can do to prove your allegiance is buying boatloads of terracotta planters. True patriots lead by example, and I might just be Tom Brady up in this sumbich.

So many pots, made in Colorado or straight up America, priced $1 to $35.

We've got the local Rolls Royce of ceramics in the house, ranging $25-100, but like true Americans, we here love being the land of low, low prices.

Buy two or more items and get a discount, or a pot for free.

Buy everything I own, price it lower than me, put me out of business, because that's as American as can be.

It states that I'm never open at 8, but 10-6 on the weekend, Saturday & Sunday, forever.

But if you'd like to meet midweek, or you suspect that I might be out there, somewhere, in America, but not at my shop when you plan to be, reach me at:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

- or -


You can find this little slice of America in Sherrelwood, USA, off Highway 36 and the Pecos exit. Page me through any of the above for the address.

Taking a page from America, have you seen these two used refrigerators for sale?

Who needs plants, pottery, cactus, succulents, a new house plant, a cool pot, or a cute 3 inch glazed planter when you can buy one or two used refrigerators?

Let me tell you more:

Both are approximately 15 to 20 years old, fully functional, and formerly fully filled with bottled barrel-aged or better beer to the brim. America.

The bigger fridge, it's an all fridge, and all man, if it's used as a man fridge. It's a Fridgedaire, so you know it's real nice.

For those asking, it's 65 inches tall x 30 inches wide x 26.5 inches deep, with the door on. Model #FRU17B2JW5. $200

The smaller of the two, it's a Kenmore, so you know it's real nice. This one is a top mount, so it has a freezer on top, and is 18 Cu. FT, which fits a lot of bachelor chow.

Ladies, that's 66 inches tall x 30 inches wide x 30 inches deep. Model #25368802015. $140

About the only thing as American as picking up a metric ton of terracotta is grabbing an extra fridge just because, I reckon. Oh, and pottery jargon. It'd be downright un-American if we skipped the jargon.

*** All-American jargon ***

Feel free to reach out about a terracotta planter for your large euphorbia. We’ve got a garage and a half of garden and gardening goods, for local clay loving landscaping types and their succulent / vegetables / cacti / tree planting needs. Trees are bests for planting in the ground, but if you want to barter for décor that’s big enough for yours, I’ve got the deals on larger 20” planters. House plants are always on sale, as is decorative Italian terra, and I’ve got a deal potting plants in glazed you bought here (free with purchase of soil). Design your home and backyard with more green, whether that’s vegetables, landscape sized cactus, or climbing nursery plants. Grow your ceramics collections with macetas sold a la yard sale, at the estate of the maceta, or A House of Pots if you will, where you can find a cheap desert plant, succulents, pottery, or gardener favorites like authentic MCM Gainey pots for your plants.

I’m convinced listing the all-American cities where my customers come from helps, and so, you should know, some say where not too far from: Arvada (6.5 mi.), Aurora (14-25 mi.), Boulder (20 mi.), Broomfield (9 mi.), Castle Rock (37 mi.), Centennial (23 mi.), Commerce City (5 mi.), Denver (8 mi.), Erie (21 mi.), Federal Heights (2 mi.), Fort Collins (58 mi.), Front Range (1.3 to 130 mi.), Golden (14 mi.), Greeley (57 mi.), Lafayette (14 mi.), Lakewood (14 mi.), Littleton (18 mi.), Longmont (26 mi.), Louisville (13 mi.), Loveland (45 mi.), Northglenn (6 mi.), Parker (32 mi.), Sherrelwood (0 mi.), Superior (13 mi.), Thornton (5 mi.), and Westminster (2.5 mi.).

*** America, home of the real ones ***

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