10/10/20 - Pottery Wars: A Notice to My Competition

Hello all you would be pottery customers out there. Yes, I still have lots and lots of pottery for sale at great prices. Yes, there are many free elements to my enterprise, including cash discounts and / or free pottery with purchase.

But if you lovely people could step aside for one moment, this is a notice to my pottery competition:

It’s on.

Since day one I’ve been beating you on price, and that will never end. In the end, you’ll wish you that you realized this wasn’t a competition from the get go. It’s over. I won.

There’s no one else priced this low who’ll haggle against himself, trade planters for plants, or just plain give away things for free. Whether you can or won’t, I will; and that’s just some of the ways that we’ll always be different.

For everyone else, yes, that is correct, we are located in the North Denver suburb called Sherrelwood, a census-designated place in West Adams County.

Message me for the address though so you can know where to go specifically rather instead of relying on generalities like me saying I’m near Highway 36 and the Pecos St. exit.

There are both pots and plants for sale. Pottery ranges from $2 to $100 with most items falling between $10 and $50.

Glazed pots measuring 5 or 6 inches cost about $10 and there are options up to 16 inches for $45-50. The largest options are 20 inches wide or 28 inches tall and cost as much as $100.

Most the plants are succulents and cacti. There are pachypodium, Queen Victoria agave, torch cactus / cleistocactus, opuntia, aloe, kalanchoe, string of pearls, and Christmas cactus all planted in terracotta planters to go.

Most items are between $10 and $30 while very old, large, or rare plants could cost much more.

If you’ve made it this far, take note of my phone number. Call it or text me if you need:

<< 909 >> << 744 >> << 7708 >>

I’m available from 10 to 6 on Saturdays and Sundays. Message me if you’d like to coordinate another time.

In the meantime, here’s that pottery jargon you were looking for.

Are you cheap with the water bill, but still want a beautiful garden space, both indoors and outdoors? Let me introduce you to cactus and succulents. Just add pottery plus plants and sunlight and voila, you’re gardening desert style with bargain utility bills. This holiday season, tell the ones you love just how you feel with decorative macetas, euphorbia in a planter, or value on backyard xeriscape deals. We’re a local shop in the 5280 that’s like a nursery, but also like a garage sale outside the norm. While not all our trees are for sale, nor the yucca, nor the pachypodium, there’s plenty of cacti and flower planters for mile high gardeners. Plant flowers in Italian clay terra cotta or grow house plants with décor that fits your home’s style. I dig barter, so if you have an overgrown succulent or tree to trade, I’ll trade pots for plants. YES, I’LL TRADE POTS FOR PLANTS. SEND ME PICTURES.

Come one, come all, people of Thornton, Louisville, Commerce City, Littleton, and all over the Front Range. The pots can be found in Sherrelwood, which is basically Federal Heights meets Westminster, Arvada, and Denver. We’re not close to Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, or Castle Rock, but we’re not far from Golden, Lafayette, Northglenn, or Longmont really. It’s about 25 minutes or less from Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Aurora, Lakewood, and even Centennial. Sure a drive from Parker isn’t Superior, but these pots are worth it.

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